How I Conquered Writer's Block!

Written by: Kritika Pramod Kulshrestha

The sky outside is overcast and the rain gods are in wait to announce the arrival of the rain. It’s a perfect day to sit down at my desk, pull out a few sheets of paper, and scribble a few thoughts, while sipping on some steaming, hot coffee. But, I stare at the blank sheets of paper and I can’t think of anything to write. I look at the rain that has now begun in full gusto, and I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of joy that I’m experiencing when I take in the earthy aroma. I realize I have been hit by ‘writer’s block’ – that pesky syndrome that every writer battle, some more often than others. But there are ways to overcome it and I’m going to share some unconventional ideas that helped me conquer writer’s block.

If you love romance, listen to ‘Valentine by Kina Grannis’ or  watch the video!
The song and everything about it will uplift your mood and help you unleash those creative ideas. If you are more of a rock and roll fan then maybe ‘Saturday Night Fever’ could stimulate those grey cells. Whatever be your choice of music, listen to it when you are feeling low and just cannot get the words to flow. Trust me; music will help unleash the magic.

Can’t write? Take that walk in the park
It’s that time of the year when the evening breeze is just the perfect cappuccino to kick start that walk. The flowers are inviting you to be part of nature’s harmonious song. Nature is also welcoming you to write a little something on its beauty. Maybe Nature is the muse you were looking for? Who knows, the blank space in your head might begin overflowing with precious thoughts.

Dance, dance, baby!
So you may have moved well past the era of record and cassette players and well into the iPhone music zone. Still, if you have loved dance then maybe dance can cure that writer’s block. Plug in your headphones, turn on the music, and dance away. Thirty minutes of rejuvenating exercise is going to be the creative trigger for you. Worry not. Thirty minutes later, sweating and exhausted, you might feel charged up to write a small story!

You must be wondering since when did breathing exercises became a precursor to writing creatively. But believe me, if you do as your yoga ‘guru’ says, creativity and enthusiasm could be engulfing you. Meditation is not just for relaxing your body but also for giving your mind some much-needed rest from all that writing. Writing feverishly could actually make your mind go blank. Meditation gives you that space and time to refocus your energies. Make the most of it.

Make that connection
Often, we write stories that are too disconnected from our own lives. But if you try to create that bond with your story, you will be able to write better. Feel the emotions. Feel the pain. Feel the joy. Love your story. When you feel those emotions and write with attachment, you will see the golden words stream through your pen.

No matter how you cure your writer’s block, always believe in yourself and never give up if the words don’t come to you at the right time. Just stay focused and believe in your ability to write.  

How do you fight away writer's block?

Kritika is an engineer by profession, but an amateur poet and writer as well. She finds solace in writing and loves weaving magic with her words.


  1. I try remembering the last time I was so inspired to write and recreate the environment. Somehow, the flow comes back. Then it is important to set goals, like I have to do so many pages per day so that keeps me in track.


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