12 Places Where You Can Find Paid Writing Work Right Now!

Written By: Megha Sabharwal

‘Freelance Content Writing’ has emerged as a growing industry and we might soon discover more changes coming up. Choosing unconventional career in life is challenging and comes with wide variety of difficulties. However, due to economic low down these days, conventional careers also find it difficult to survive. When I started writing 2 years back, I didn’t even know what is ‘content writing’ all about. I wasn’t aware that there is a full-fledged industry being growing and large part of people is taking it for their full time survivals.

Well! As time passed, I became familiar with the concept of writing for search engines and other form of writings. Traditionally, a writer would either be associated with writing books or someone who would write spicy movies for entertainment. Many a times, I observed, journalism was also confused with content writing. The concept of freelance content writer- a person who would sit at home, do all the work and get the paid for it appeared awkward to many. Strange!  Many of your uncles, aunts and other relatives, friends even family would see this flexible work option with doubts. But who can make them understand that freelance content writing is not as simple as it seems? A newbie freelance content writer faces a pool of hardships in the early days of his career. He is often rejected, not paid and even doesn't find enough work to sustain himself. So, to make things slightly easier for budding freelancers, I decided to compile a list of websites and portals that feature paid writing opportunities.

Odesk & Elance- Sign up on websites like Odesk and Elance to make professional connections. These connections will help you in getting work gradually. On portals like Odesk and Elance, you would be bidding your amount and if client likes your bid, you would get the assignment. For this, keep updating your profile frequently and take various tests to enhance your image. Clients usually look for writers with maximum tests with good scores. 

LinkedIn- Put your work on your LinkedIn profile and reply to several advertisement posted for paid assignments in groups. I know many of the clients won’t reply back but some genuine clients do connect. Believe me, LinkedIn is truly a good source to make professional connections.

Earnsmart.com- The portal offers article and blog writing opportunities to freelance writers. You can choose the type of content you want to write. There is a 24 hours deadline for any assignment you choose. The website has different levels for different writers. For initial writers, the frequency of articles to be chosen per day is 2 and keeps on increasing as you gain more ratings. The payment is made twice a month (1st and 15th) through online transfer to you bank. This is highly recommended portal for newbies, although the price of every article they offer is very low.

Mediabistro.com- Mediabistro.com is a portal offering opportunities to freelancers to work in different areas like Social Media, Advertising & PR, Writing, and Designing etc. Sign up process is simple like any other portal. Fill in your details and create an attractive profile. You can choose from range of jobs posted on the website based on your caliber. The jobs posted here are usually from overseas clients. A brief profile of the client is also posted along with the job and you can get in touch with him through e-mails or phone. The client doesn’t reveal the price of the job most of the times. All such details will be known once you get in touch with him.  The portal is good for new as well as experienced writers. Payment is made through PayPal.

Indeed.com- At Indeed.com, you have to post your resume i.e. create your profile and you will get a list of jobs from various niches. Clients are generally from abroad. The prices are generally not revealed. You can get in touch with the clients to know the job profile better. The payment made is either through PayPal or through online transfer depending on the client.

JournalismJobs.com- As the name of the portal suggests, JournalismJobs.com is not about journalism jobs only. The jobs posted here are from various areas. You just have to sign up and create a strong profile for the employers to contact you. You have the option to search for the jobs as well. Pick the job profile that best suits you. The payment made is either through PayPal or through online transfer depending on the client.

FreelanceWritingGigs.com- The portal helps in getting you good job leads, business help and writing assignments. Sign up and create an attractive profile. The price of the job is generally mentioned along the job. The client asks you to contact him with your profile on his details. The payment made is either through PayPal or through online transfer depending on the client.

WriterAccess.com- The portal acts as a platform for freelance writers to write for quality clients. You just have to create your profile and take several tests to increase your star ratings. Clients are likely to be impressed by star ratings. The website itself provides you work and then pass the same to client. The payment is generally made through PayPal.

BloggingPros.com- The portal provides your writing gigs. All you are required to do is to create your profile and start looking for jobs. The jobs posted here are from global clients. You can pick the one you feel comfortable with. Payment is made through PayPal.

iwriter.com- The portal provides writing opportunities to budding freelance writers. You can write articles, e-books, blogs etc. as per your caliber. Sign up and create a profile. There are different levels for different writers. The levels are gradually increased with your success in the work with the portal. The payment is made through PayPal. This is a great platform for upcoming writers or the ones who are fresh in the industry.

Jobrapido.com- The portal offers writing job opportunities from around the world. You can enter the kind of work you looking for and choose from the job postings as per your comfort. The payment is made through PayPal.

You can even let your friends know about the kind of freelance assignment you looking for. You might get any friend of friends from the same industry. You would have to take the initiative yourself to let people know about your presence and availability. If you know some established freelance writer already then connect and ask for work. In starting, it would take time for you to get real work but don’t hesitate to do smaller projects. This will enhance your skills and quality.

I am sure the information I provided here is helpful for your freelance writer career. Make the best out of it. Good Luck!

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