How To Find High-Paying Writing Jobs

Written By: Roy Daniel D'Silva

The freelance market has grown by leaps and bounds since the past decade, and it is not something that will deplete or decrease in the long run. As long as companies require projects done quickly on a no-strings-attached basis, and the difference in global economies exists, freelancers will continue racking up their hours after work. Due to the immense demand, more and more people are now freelancing or consulting, and one of the simplest and most popular services is content writing.

However, one complain that is oft heard aloud is that a typical freelance content writing gig does not pay much, which is as much as a misconception as it is true. The fact is that though not every project you will come across will be something that allows you enough money to buy a ticket to the moon or even pay your monthly expenses in one go, there are some projects that are worth a considerable amount of money, and here are some tips on how you can get your hands on them.

Contact the Companies

Everyone who has a domain name and online business needs content; they just do not know it. However, if you contact and convince them that they require content for their websites and other online media, there is quite a chance that they will hire you for their content requirements, at a price that is considerably higher than the so called market rates, and that is because you have a ‘connection’ with them now.

Of course, this would require a bit of cold calling, and other activities that might not actually give you any returns, but since you are in the online business, you can solve this with a single e-mail shot off to the people concerned. The thumb rule of a sales pitch is that only 10% of the people you approach will reply, and less than 1% of those people will actually commission you for anything major.

If you are a freelancer or a very small content writing firm, your best bet would be to contact local businesses and companies, because there is a fair chance that the bigger fish is already gobbled up by digital agencies that had first approached them as advertisement agencies. Also, you would require a lot of hobnobbing with the bigger fish to finally bag the contract, which again would take a lot of your resources, and you are never sure whether you will get that gig or not.

Begin Networking with People in the Business

If you are fresh out of college and decided to ‘freelance’ for a while, you need to take a deep, hard look at whether you still want to continue with that decision. Freelancing is not as simple as it looks, and even people with five years of experience in the content writing business find it difficult to get a foothold in the consulting business. This is the reason that they should never let go of their professional network, as that is another good way of actually getting a big content writing gig.

People in your professional network know you and have seen your work, and therefore would be able and willing to pay you the amount that the work is actually worth. You will not be some consultant that has come out of the cold; you will be an acquaintance or peer who has worked with them earlier.

Do Not Get Off the 'Bid for Work' Websites

Bid-for-work websites like Elance, Freelancer and Odesk have become somewhat of a dark, dirty secret for freelance writers, but that is not the right way to look at it. There are a healthy number of freelancers who depend on these sites for their bread and butter, and apart from some crazy clients who want content for pennies and dimes, a large percentage of the total work assignments there are decently priced. In fact, if you do stick around with a particular client, there is every chance that they will hike the price per article, or reward you with a bonus. So don't pull yourself out of bid-for-work websites just yet. If you are just starting out and have no experience or published work to show, bid-for-work sites are again your best bet.

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