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If you would like me to write for your blog, business or publication, please mail in your detailed requirements at shuch.singh at gmail dot com or schedule a meeting via Skype (shuchi.kalra) or Gtalk (shuch.singh).

Having been in the writing business for over 7 years, I am confident with a diverse range of writing styles and topics. To view my samples and client list, please hop over to my virtual office - www.shuchikalra.com

I am also able to take up bulk writing projects. Please visit the Pixie Dust Writing Studio for more details on this.


  1. We are excited to announce that will be launching our freelance app marketplace (Weblance) on May 10th. We already over 5,800 beta sign ups for launch!! We are a funded start up and plan on shaking up the current freelance marketplace models.

    We are really hoping to get some coverage of our launch on your blog. We created a Press Kit so it would be possible to learn quickly what Weblance is all about. Let me know if there is anything we can do to get our launch published on your blog!

  2. HI ..please send a mail to shich.singh@gmail.com so that we can discuss this further.

  3. Thanks for weighing in. We pay everyone who submits an article, whether we choose to work with them or not, and I make that clear in the article. I also don't frame it as a contest in the ads, so sorry if that wasn't stated in the article. It's more a competition, the same as any job you're trying to get hired for where you're competing against other candidates for a position. It's no different.

    That said, we've had great luck with Craig's List and get quality submissions and excellent freelancers to work with. And not sure why you're knocking "stay at home moms." We've hired some terrific freelancers who were former marketing execs and "professional writers" who have decided to put their career on hold while they raise their children and are looking for some extra income. Not sure how choosing to be a stay-at-home parent makes you any less of a writer.

    Anyway, this process has worked really great for us, so thought I'd share.

  4. Dear Suchi,

    We are a small Real Estate Marketing Company operating out of Noida. We are looking to hire the services of a free lance writer to write blogs for us pertaining to Real Estate projects and trends.

    We can be contacted at info@propertree.in

    Arun Gupta


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