Top 10 tools you help you become a better writer

Written by: Tom Jager
It is a universal fact that the level of experience is not always a guarantee of an engaging and interesting text that makes the readers feel something. Writing is a difficult profession and requires all possible aids to produce the desired outcome because stringing words together in a needed fashion has to meet a number of standards. For example, the text should make sense, sound good, and provoke a reaction from the audience.

There are a number of tools on the Internet that can help you to meet these requirements. Some of the best ones are presented below, so check them out and feel free to try what works for you.

1. 750 Words

According to the official site of the exercise, , it is all about learning a habit of writing every day, which is currently practiced by more than 300,000 people. The point of the exercise is to write 750 words on the site, which is equivalent to 3 standard pages and leave the content private. It is mostly about learning the habit to write rather than creating online-ready content that is to be published right away. The site gives the user points for successful progress and provides a detailed statistics about the process of writing.

2. Twords

Another great online application that teaches the online writers is Twords, located at . The primary goal of the site is to teach bloggers and anyone who wants to improve the quality of writing by making them work on a daily basis. It is amazing how people can improve by setting simple goals: track the consistency of writing, get accountable and develop a habit! The users can try their skills for free and improve them every day.

3. Help me Write

This website offers an unprecedented opportunity to develop topics by asking the users of social networking sites, such as Twitter. To begin, you need to add an idea for a topic and then sign in on the platform with your Twitter account to begin sharing the ideas page. When your followers and other users view your posts, they will provide feedback, which will be used to develop specific ideas for including in the text. As soon as you complete the work, the site offers to share it with the users who gave the feedback and discussed the details.

4. Blog Topic Generator

This website developed by Hubspot and located at  is a great find for those who often struggle with generating topics. For example, if you have a number of keywords that you want to include in the article but the topic just does not come to mind, your problem is already solved. The front page invites the user to provide three keywords and generates five options for topics in seconds. Already have some ideas to speculate with? Go!

5. Quora  is a well-known website and a great source of information on an endless number of topics. It can help you to improve your writing skills by encouraging you to provide answers to the questions posted by other users and write your own questions on subjects that interest you. Moreover, users can join groups and discuss various topics and follow specific topics, such as social media, sports teams, psychology and much more. What about “how do I write fast and efficient?” as the first question?

6. Royal Essays

Custom writing companies can come in real handy when trying to improve writing skills because the help comes from the professionals in writing, editing, and proofreading. Many people think that most essay writing companies should be used for completing overdue essays and research papers on boring topics, but this is not true. Royal-Essays  is a perfect example here because it also offers help with writing efficiently and quickly. The services provided by the company go well beyond writing high school essays so feel free to ask online instructors about feedback on your writing and tips on improving it.

7. Zen Pen  is another great online application that can be very helpful for those who enjoy minimum distractions during writing and full focus on the process. This is just what the website gives you: a white screen where the user can start typing with a short list of easy instructions on how to use it. It also provides some simple but useful functions, such as targeted word amount, italics, bold, and URLs, and invert colors to use during the writing to highlight the sections of text.

8. Coffitivity

Here’s an unusual app that claims it can increase the writing productivity by using the ambient noise, or ‘white noise.’ Apparently, some scientists from the University of Chicago discovered that just a moderate and non-irritating level of noise (the one that mimics being in a coffee house) can help people be creative, especially writers. It is available on Android and iOs at

9. Tomato Timer is an online app that can test your writing skills under pressure because it provides a timer where the user can set time needed to write a piece. There are buttons for long and short breaks, so do not worry, you will be in complete control over the process.

10. Correctica

This app is similar to well-known editor Grammarly because it uses a similar interface and performs the same functions: analysis of the grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is very useful for writers who can check their texts quickly and efficiently. Find it at

We think that you will find at least one or two sites in this list that can really help your writing in a most suitable way. Whether you need motivation, lack of distractions or advice from an expert – everything is here to select from. Be assured that your writing will be much better when you try these simple but useful tools because they are designed by professionals in blogging, online marketing, and academic and creative writing.

About the author:
Tom Jager is a professional blogger based in London. He covers topics related to digital marketing, blogging, social media and business in general. He is always seeking to discover new ways for  professional and personal growth.

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