Freelancers and Eyestrain - 5 Tips To Save Your Eyes

Written By: Annapurna Sharma

Given the amount of reading and writing that freelancers indulge in, they are more susceptible to eye related maladies – blurred vision, headaches, dry and itchy eyes. This is more so due to excessive stress on your pupils. Experience speaks that a promising career needs to bear the eyestrain. Initially the resultant perks and incentives of a successful freelancing job are an icing on the cake and far outweigh the strains of your peepers. Noted American author and poet Henry David Thoreau has very rightly said “the eye is the jewel of the body”. Hence, take proper care of your eyes and try these five simple exercises to relieve eyestrain.

  1. Blink, blink, and blink! No kidding. Quite often we don’t blink especially when engrossed in serious work like reading or working at the computer. Blinking is infact a normal phenomena that moistens and lubricates the eyes as tear glands generate fresh tears. Dryness and itching of eyes is the result of long non-blinking phases. Try blinking every 20-30 minutes to facilitate rewetting and better lubrication of eyes.

  1. Gazing or focusing: Eye muscles need to be strengthened to reduce eye fatigue and improve overall vision. Follow the 20-20 rule. Hold your thumb right in front of your nose and focus for 20 seconds. Then keep gazing on a distant object about 20 feet away. Repeat this 10-15 times as it relaxes the eyes and improves visual concentration.   

  1. Rotating: Rotate your eye balls in an imaginary circle in the clockwise direction. Follow the same in the anticlockwise direction. Repetition of this exercise for a few seconds increases the flexibility of the eye muscles. For better results do it steadily with a relaxed body and mind.

  1. Zooming in and out: Put your thumb up with your arm stretched right in front of you. Focus on the thumb as you move your arm to bring the thumb closer to your face. Zoom in and zoom out your arm as you constantly gaze at your thumb. This helps in effective eye convergence and to improve the focusing ability.

  1. Palming: Rub the palms of your hands until they are warm and then gently place them over your closed eyes. Be careful not to put pressure on the eyes as the fingers rest on the forehead and the base of the hand touches the cheekbone. The warmth and darkness created by the cup of the palm relieves the built-up tension around the eyes.

These easy-to-do exercises do not require any specific time or place. They can be done sitting comfortably while at work. For better eye health, other remedies include eating right, staying hydrated and exercising regularly. Frequent breaks from work, adjusting the PC display and regular eye checkups prevents eye related problems.

About Annapurna: I am Annapurna Sharma, presently a Platinum expert author on Ezine Articles  and guest writer on www.nutrihealth.inAn aspiring writer, you can also see my articles on I have also written health articles for the magazine “Epics of Health, Hygiene and Pollution” in 2008. I have done post graduation in Foods and Nutrition and have 10 years of teaching experience as a lecturer of Food Science and Nutrition. I am currently pursuing ‘Creative writing course’ from Writer’s Bureau, UK.

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  1. Great tips, I was searching something for my tired and blurry eyes and I came upon your tips.


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