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Thanks for taking the time to browse through my blog. I am Shuchi Kalra and I have been writing professionally for over 7 years. My writing career so far has been immensely satisfying and rewarding. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the publishing business (, Good Housekeeping and Home Review, to name a few) as well as well-known corporate clients from across the globe. I am also the CEO of Pixie Dust Writing Studio - a small writing firm with big aspirations.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy reading, catching up on movies and just lazing around; but all that was before I had a baby. Now it's work, diapee change, work, feeding, work, putting baby in bed. It's different, but it's fun too. Sometimes, I pat myself on the back for being able to juggle my various roles. Also, hats off to work-from-home writer moms who manage to meet deadlines with a toddler splattered across the laptop :).

The vision behind starting the IFW Blog is to provide a free-for-all networking space for the Indian Freelance Writers community - which I believe is quite sizable. Through this blog, I hope to connect with fellow scribes and mentor new ones.

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