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There is an ocean of publishing opportunities waiting for Indian freelance writers in the travel and lifestyle sector. Travel publications are constantly on a look-out for new and exciting content on destinations, weekend getaways, festivals, food and wine as well as hotel and restaurant reviews.

If you happen to be the footloose, globe-trotting types, there is an ocean of publishing opportunities waiting for you in the travel and lifestyle sector.

Travel publications are constantly on a look-out for new and exciting content on destinations, weekend getaways, festivals, food and wine as well as hotel and restaurant reviews. However, a rewritten article based on information from the internet is not likely to get you a slot on the pages. Editors are especially interested in ‘personalized’ accounts given by travelers that include unique observations and experiences that have not been hitherto written about. Now, for instance, every Indian knows that Goa has great beaches and that Taj Mahal is worth a visit in Agra. How about approaching the subject with a twist and covering ‘the best restaurants for authentic Goan food’ or a story on ‘the top 10 touristy things people do on a visit to the Taj Mahal’?

If you know of a remote place that is slightly off the tourist circuit, cover it by all means. If you have a palate for different cuisines and hyperactive taste-buds, venture into food and wine critiquing – it is an extremely fancy field to be in!

Here are a couple of Indian travel publications that you can try your luck at:

Jetwings: As Jet Airway’s inflight magazine, it is sure to get your name ‘up there’ (quite literally) and give you the much needed exposure. Back issues of the magazine can be viewed on the airlines website and cover a plethora of subjects ranging from travelogues to reviews. They pay around Rs.1000/piece. The length of the features greatly varies depending on the subject covered.

India travel Times is a lesser known travel publication that does not pay for freelance contribution.Details can be found on their website.

Outlook Traveler is one of the leading travel publications in India but rather difficult to break into.

Apart from these, most women’s magazines, local publications, newspapers and lifestyle magazine’s carry articles on travel, food and wine – there is no dearth of options for a travel writer.


  1. Thanks Shuchi!! The article is pretty informative. I have recently quit a high paying corporate job due to some personal reason. However having worked so many years of my life, I want to utilize my free time doing something productive. Freelance writing is what I have narrowed down as a best "work from home" option, especially travel writing. I love travelling and would love to pen down my travel experiences. The only problem is I have never written anything in my life ever, expect for essays in school and I don't even remember how I was graded on them. So the question is can I still give it a shot? Will these travel publications give someone like me, a total fresher, an opportunity to write for them? Please advice.

    1. suchi,

      grt blog. good to have a place where we - freelance writers can share our experiences.
      I m a freelance writer with more than 16 yrs experience in writing for reputed publications, websites & companies. This note is in reply to the above post by 'ANONNYMOUS'. I've started an ONLINE WRITING COURSE for those interested in freelance writing. u can contact me: kanchana.writeword@gmail.com
      My course will take u through various guidelines that u need to keep in mind while writing and most importantly there'll loads of writing exercises to hone your skill. no editor will accept your work unless you meet their standards! write to me and I can tell u more.

    2. @Anonymous February 18, 2012 at 12:38 AM

      Are you still interested in travel writing , within India ? pl revert.

    3. @kalyani
      i am pretty much interested if you are willing to pay for my elaborate travel experience across the nation.

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  4. @kalyani, im interested in travel writing. Please get in touch @ saha.suranjana@gmail.com

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  6. Glad that i came across this site. I have been blogging about travel, food around the world for two years and now wish to put them on broader spectrum. Kindly help me how can i take my experience to better level and i wish to work with good pay.


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