Freelancing Essentials: How Can Writers Market Their Skills?

Written By: Jaideep Bhattacharjee

Writing is a creative business! Yes, you heard it right…a business. While writing gives a creative high, monetary appreciation is always welcome, isn’t it? So, while you nurture your creative cells, it is not a bad idea to identify and develop the marketer within you as well. It pays, quite literally.

While writers abound, both professionals and amateurs alike, the good news is that there is no dearth of assignments or jobs. A good piece of work is always up for grabs, provided you are up for it.

In an age of tech wonders bringing the world closer, it is not so difficult any more to market your write ups. This write up will try to explore some ways for a writer to market and sell his/her work, pre dominantly through the impenetrable web of the digital age.  Let’s discuss…

Share your work – Every finished write up, is like a child, making its creator proud of it. To start with, be proud of your write up and start sharing it with the world. Browse the net and you will find genuine sites willing to give you a try. Register and share but claim the intellectual property on your price. Professional aggression is welcome.

Word of ‘mouth’ - The simplest and yet the most effective is to engage in a dialogue…talk with people. The most successful marketers never shied from talking with people. If you have the writer in you, then start talking with people but the right ones, I mean those who can complement you or support you.

Follow the leaders – Identify and get in touch with the professional veterans who have been freelancing and make your way in with them. Convince them with your work and in all probability, you can get an assignment from them. The presence of your write up on their site is always an advantage.

Media - Thankfully, nowadays all print and electronic media encourage write ups from their readers. Share your work with them…for they too need content, always! This is  also going to make you visible.

Website - Get your own website. While it is not easy to do it yourself, there are always people who can do it for you. A well designed web site lends credibility to your claim when you contact a client.

Blogs- Start writing on blogs of brands and clients. If you write well, it will be noticed. Corporate world takes opinion on their products and brand very seriously.

Discover clients – Every one is a potential client. Whether an individual or a corporate, finding clients is not difficult. In case of latter, all you need to do is make some rounds to their corporate communication team and in all likelihood, your good work will be noticed. Visiting the office of media houses is also suggested.

Money sweeter than honey – Like they say, create quality and money will follow. While you might be tempted to raise a high value invoice, it is advisable to let your work do the first round of negotiation. Initially, getting work is more important than the amount of money. and if you can earn the trust of your client, it is a bonus.

Become an experienced writer - No one is born experienced and a start has to be made. So start! And be assured, if you have the writer in you, work will follow. Don’t let the “experience tag” dampen your spirits. One free assignment will lead to paid assignments

Create your portfolio - If you have done all the points above, creating your portfolio is always a good idea. After all, seeing is believing! It also lends a touch of professional seriousness.

So stop being only a writer but also start networking. Marketing is an extension of creative thinking and aptly done, it will bear dividends. So, what are you waiting for?

About Jaideep: I am a Marketing professional by choice and a writer by aspirations. I love to give shape to my thoughts by weaving words together. I like to write on multi topics including Travel, Food, Movie Review, Art & Literature and yes, politics and current affairs too.

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