Be your own Michelangelo: A Guide for Newbie Writers

Written By: Palak Shah

For all the newbies like me, who ponder time and again, whether they should plunge in the ocean of writing or not; must read this. I easily empathize with those in such predicament. However, I have come out of this situation as a winner by understanding the Michelangelo in me.

The world knows Michelangelo as the greatest artists of all time. But what many of us do not know that he was also a human being; an immortal just like all of us. He possessed a unique gift by which he could see the masterpiece hidden inside a stone or block and with his unrelenting determination and drive; he would bring his vision to life. We all can be our own Michelangelos, if we start believing in ourselves and unleash our forte. Our latent talents are buried under the debris of fear, ignorance and doubt. All we have to do is to find it and realise it; just like Michelangelo. By understanding this below scribed nuggets, you can definitely bring out the writer in you.

1)      Be honest to yourself
It is very essential to introspect oneself. Find out the true reason, why you decided to be a writer. Never select a field just because someone else succeeded in it and thinking it will be easy money or less stressful.  Just listen to your inner self. As Einstein said during the last days of his life, “Sometimes I suspect that my life has been a waste. I inquired into the farthest of stars and forgot completely to inquire into myself- and I was the closest star”. If your inner voice says that you should be a writer, then nothing can stop you from becoming one.

2)      Face your Fears
It is imperative that you look into the eye of fear. What are your biggest qualms and horrors? Is it that being into writing, you might not have a regular flow of money or certain reservations like what if your work gets rejected again and again? Instead of running away from these worries, you should accept this. Having accepted this fears you can work on the solutions. You might be dazed to know that J. K. Rowling, who wrote the celebrated series of Harry Porter, was rejected 12 times before her book was accepted. So never succumb to your fears, just face them head on.

3)      Improve day by day
A paradox- simple yet so complicated to understand this. Instead of pressurising oneself with big goals, one should set small goals daily and work on it with best of efforts and sincerity. It is rightly said that, “Each one us cannot do great things, but each one of us can definitely do small things greatly”.  If we improve our writing with every passing day, surely there will be a day when success will fall short of excuses and would be bound to meet us. It is truly fathomable that daily enhancements and upgrading leads to mastery.

4)      Choose the right company
Whether you believe it or not, you are half of what you are surrounded by. If Arjuna had not chosen Krishna as his companion, he would have never won the war against Adharma. If we choose the right kind of people who not only believe in us, but also helps us realising our dreams then we have almost won half the game. As a writer, it is good to be in the company of like-minded people, if not physically then virtually. Edmund lee quoted nicely, “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you even when you don’t see it yourself

5)      Enjoy your small and big triumphs
We should be happy with even our smallest of achievements. This will give us the motivation for climbing the ladder of accomplishments further. Even when a reader’s letter gets printed or an anecdote is published, we should definitely pat our back. Don’t forget that you can never find motivation outside, it always comes from within. No one in this world can encourage you, except you!

6)      Love your work
A writer never has a vacation, because all the time he is either writing or thinking about writing. We should completely fall in love with writing; so much so that we never need a vacation. The essence of loving the work is enjoying everything about the profession. You should enjoy the words, them forming into sentences and the entire meaningful formation that it sculpts. Only when you love your work you can work on the higher purposes of life.

They say that everything in this world happens twice, one in the mind of the human being and then in the actual world. If we start following these simple and easy feats, we can surely go a long way.

About Palak:

I am a MBA in finance and possess 6 years of work experience. Having worked with top notch multinational companies and also renowned education institutes, my passion for writing never moderated.

My journey as a writer might have just begun, but I can see the milestones which I have to conquer. You can get in touch with me at

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