Modes of Payment for Indian Writers

While it is easy to accept payments from clients in India, you might need to explore more options before you can do business with international ones and accept payouts in currencies other than INR. To find the cheapest and most convenient payment option, it helps to gain some insight into the various modes of payment for Indian writers.

Online Transfers - Having your account with an Indian bank is anyways the most desirable thing because whatever currency you are paid in will eventually have to be converted into Indian Rupee. However as a writer working on international platform, most of your foreign clients, and even some in India, are expected to pay you in USD. For that purpose, online transacting options such as PayPal, Payoneer, etc. are the most convenient modes of payment for Indian writers. Opening up an account with them is usually simple and fast; all they might ask for is your valid credit card number or a document that proves your identity, and should cost you as low as a dollar or two for the purpose. PayPal is a highly preferred and accepted mode all over the globe although they have a reputation for not being “India friendly” (boo hoo!). Payments are credited almost instantly and you can see them converted to INR in your Indian account with a couple of clicks.

Checks - Your writing works may be remunerated by checks, which continue to be one of the most reliable modes of payment for Indian writers. However, there is a definite processing time involved in its clearing and the wait can be longer if it has come from another country. You may also have to bear a processing fee for international check clearance and nothing can be worse if the check bounces for some reason.

Direct Deposit – If you don’t want to get into the hassles of check payments and opening an account with PayPal does not look feasible, direct deposit is another fast and expedient mode of payment for Indian writers. Subsequent to receiving completed writing assignment from you, your buyer may write a check in your favour and deposit directly into your account from his location. For international transfers, this may prove to be a wee bit expensive.

Moneybookers - With a service such as Moneybookers (Skrill), you can forget language barriers as it allows you to operate in twelve leading languages spoken across the world and transacting with clients from over 200 countries. Writing is your business and it should be in reliable hands when it is about the payouts. Moneybookers is one of the fastest and most secure payout solutions amongst exceptional modes of payment for Indian writers.

Western Union - Whenever global transactions are discussed, you cannot leave out Western Union. Although a little old-fashioned, it is still reliable and extremely useful for writers who do not have a credit card (or a bank account!). Relying upon its widespread agent network at over 200,000 locations all over, you can tie up with clients from effectively any part of the world. Writers based in remote towns will find it a convenient mode of payment.

Money Orders - Other payment modes like money orders too are operational and unlike checks they are less likely to bounce. However, they lack a secured payout and can present difficulties in tracking. They may be opted for when no other options are available.

Do you use any other modes of payment with your international clients? Do share!

Written By: Shashank Karambelkar

Shashank is a freelance writer passionately involved in producing web content for diverse subjects, making them search engine favourable and spreading insight in the interest of budding writers.

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