Being A Professional Writer - Boon Or Bane?

Written By: Ravi Kumar

Calling myself a wright by keeping track of a sequence of events in life is no herculean task in one way. At times, I support my reasoning by being literal. My version of looking at everything in life such as feeling about issues and interacting with others altered prolifically. I might have gained professionally by receiving exceptional mileage. However, I have been discrete in judging things in my own personal life. Imagine the kind of emotions experienced by a freelance writer when working so dedicatedly on a piece of content when someone else calls for urgent help. Leading life as a freelancer is a double-edged sword with so many disturbances.

Professionally, I cannot even understand whether it is a boon to have a profession with my own work timings or a bane for working in an environment where everyone takes me for granted thinking that a freelancer is for free. Indeed, I am a freelancer but with a free lancer aimed at thrusting the most jinxed content assignments. Umpteen times I have come across this situation making me to think over and over again that whether I made any mistake as far as my career is concerned. Irrespective of the bad omen, the one that pioneers me still is the writer in me. Is it true that one has to have natural skills such as creativity and patience to be a writer? Maybe. I am not someone to discourage others who learn the art of writing by honing it. However, I am the one to believe that writing is flair as it is in my case.

Throughout the past decade, I can say that I have lived a complete life with all sorts of experiences gained. All those experiences with different entities involved with my writing profession are still afresh in my mind. Be it the overjoyed clients or dejected customers. Perhaps, no writer could ever lead life without coming across copyright issues. By the time I could understand about plagiarized content, the profession got murky with article spinners and automated writing software. With the credibility being lost so swiftly, I wonder whether any person choosing this profession will ever be able to survive. Where have those times of working out the magic of words gone? Weaving content for writers is as important as weaving fabric for weavers.

There are times I have spent lonely not because I am unable to write but how I can support myself and my family. Imagine the plight of a writer when a client simply rejects the content just because it is not up to the desired levels of expectations. What about all those tiring hours a writer spends on writing by selecting every word so carefully? I have never succumbed to the tantrums thrown by some clients by bidding adieu to them in the most humble manner. After all, writer takes pride in whatever they write. Hitting the bull’s eye is something that is not possible for all writers. It is up for the clients to honor writers and gel properly with them to get the exact content they need as writing still a very respectable profession.

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