5 Ways Reading Can Make You A Better Writer

Written By: Annapurna Sharma

The technological growth spurt in recent years has opened many avenues to the present generation. Knowledge was once upon a time obtained through books, but now reading books has taken a back seat. However advanced one may be, the input got from books is beyond comparison. Reading great books arouses the latent feelings in individuals. Spending a quiet evening with a good book lifts ones spirits as well as encourage good thoughts. By the time a book is finished one’s ideas, views and perspective change for the better.

Writing is a passionate profession that requires a lot of thought and creativity. A prolific writer must first learn to become an avid reader. To be an adept and conceit writer, one must gain mastery over certain arts. Reading is one of those primary arts and an important tool for all writers.

The benefits of reading are invaluable and long lasting. 5 reasons why writers need to read extensively –

  1. Initiation: Reading initiates the thought process. The brain cells get activated as one flows with the contents of a book. The comprehensive ability gets strengthened and numerous ideas spurt. A writer’s stronghold lies in projecting the various view points. Reading helps a writer understand better and think better.      
  2. Inspiration: Reading inspires the writer to pen a few lines. I was a passionate reader from childhood but as responsibilities mounted reading slowed. Initially when I wanted to write I had little motivation. Having a good language base, I had the deep urge to write, but was reluctant to take the first step. Resuming reading had given me the much needed courage to venture into the colossal writing world. In the beginning the going seemed tough, but constant touch with books keeps up my spirit. For experienced writers reading prevents writer’s block by inspiring new topics to write on.
  3. Information: Reading is indeed informative. Information pouring out from books and mags is perennial. Keeping in touch with the latest developments is a prerequisite for all writers. For e.g. a writer interested in health writing gets to know the latest procedures and techniques in the medical field. Technology is taking new heights each day, reading keeps one informed of the new inventions and gadgets trending every second. Therefore, to produce quality and original contents it is imperative to keep abreast with changing trends.     
  4. Improvement: Reading improves writing skill and efficiency. Reading extensively induces critical thinking which helps new ideas and thoughts to pop up. With digitisation, presentation of content has changed drastically. Reading helps a writer to write effectively both in style and content. As an amateur my writing would have been kiddish, but eventual writing and reading simultaneously, improved my writing abilities significantly. Learning continues at all ages and reading strengthens this learning process.    
  5. Introspection: Reading provides an insight and helps introspect real life situations. Sometimes writers reach a blank when they know not what to write. Reading stimulates and emboldens our thinking. It gives an insight into our own day-to-day activities which are otherwise thought to be unimportant. Topics can thus be generated for e.g. I want to develop household compost for my flowering plants. My reading, research and experience of developing one can always become an interesting article for garden lovers. When dealing with fiction, reading helps a writer to think deeply about real life situations which serve as a base for fictious characters.
 Reading has immense benefits. It is not a time-killer but a brain activator. Use free time to read great works. Even while travelling or on a vacation keep a book handy. I remember one of my teachers telling us to read a book even while waiting for the doctor’s appointment as reading always educates. Even a mere glance at a history book reveals its own tales which are not just entertaining but also informative and inspirational.

About the author Annapurna Sharma is an passionate and prolific writer based at Vijayawada, India.
With numerous web based articles to her credit, you can visit her blog http://aannapurnasharma.wordpress.com


  1. Surely, reading induces writing spirit.

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