Becoming A Writer: The Push I Needed

Written By: Vishnu

The question of whether or not I could call myself a writer was the first thought to enter my mind.  What is a writer, anyway? So what's a confused girl like me to do? Take to Google of course!

The stories and explanations I've come across are far too many to list out now. Of the results, some people expressed their frustration on having been unable to write their next book and started doubting themselves on whether or not they could still call themselves writers. Others were vexed at failing their literary examinations. I kept reading and found myself even more confused than before. I sought to find the most simplest of explanations of what makes me a writer. Simply, a writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas. Ha, I guess I can call myself a writer now! Anyway, I fear I'm getting off topic. To me, writing isn't a skill, It's a hobby.  It’s a way of bringing all of my thoughts and ideas to life and being able to store them in this little ole’ blog of mine. 

On January 17th, 2013, I posted my first blog post. I have to say it’s definitely not some of my best work but it was the first and is important to me. I would only post once every month in the beginning but pretty soon it became a regular thing. I didn’t start my blog with any ideas in mind or to talk about specific things and I still don’t have a determined category to classify myself. As of now, I’ve listed myself as a personal blogger. I write about whatever comes to mind, anything that irks me, anything that I find to be memorable or of any importance. I’m very sarcastic by nature and it’s reflected in my writing. Recently, I’ve linked my blog to my Tumblr and found a whole new audience and group of people who I love to engage with.  

I've always been fond of the thought of blogging but never had the courage to put my thoughts on the internet for the world to see. I would read one of my friend's blog enthusiastically every time she updated it. But it still wasn't enough of a push for me to start a blog of my own. I started watching a show called "Awkward" and the protagonist is a girl named Jenna. She writes entries about her life everyday on her blog and things always take a turn for her and she manages to solve most of her funny problems. I swear, it's not as boring as I make it sound. Anyway, this show is what finally gave me the kick to start up my blog.
Blogging has changed me in many ways and I find myself so much more confident now. I used to be a shy girl who was always reluctant to speak out or put forth my ideas or take up leadership in any type of situation. Now, I find myself taking lead and being able to speak for myself and have my friends looking at me with surprise. I have to say the feeling after seeing their amazement is awesome.

My story is a short one at that because it’s not finished being written yet. I look forward to meeting people that’ll help the pages be written effortlessly. 

Author BiographyVishnu is a casual blogger who has recently graduated from high school. She’ll be starting her next phase of education in college studying Information Technology this year. Her hobbies include reading, drawing, writing, photography, etc.  You can find her blog at the following link: and her Tumblr at:

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