Did I Become A Writer Due To Destiny?

Written By: Sanjay Sett

Nearly six years have passed since I embarked on my writing career and yet it seems that it was just yesterday when I composed my first article. If I recall correctly, the year 2007 was about to end. I had no work for the last two years due to circumstances beyond by control. Thankfully, I had the foresight to put a major part of my savings in fixed deposits in my bank and the interest earned from it helped us to make ends meet. I also had the good fortune to arrange a decent marriage for my elder daughter. I was nearly 55 years old at that time and embarking on a new career was out of the question. To be honest, I lacked self-confidence. I spent the major part of the days brooding about nothing and thinking about the future of my family.

It was at this time that my younger daughter started working as a freelance writer with a reputed web-designing company based in my city. One fine morning she told me that she had a horrible headache and was not in a position to complete her quote of articles for the day. She requested me – someone who never wrote an article before – to write one on her behalf. I replied that she was crazy and that my article might jeopardize her career with the company. However, due to her persistence I completed the task and submitted it. Tears welled in my eyes the next day when my daughter informed me that my article was accepted and it had received a five-star ranking. This provided me with the faith that I could embark on a career of content writing.

Initially, I worked for the same company for which my daughter was writing. However, that pleasure did not last for too long. Since most of the writers working for that company were honest, the staff would rarely check their work through Copyscape. One fine morning the company announced that they were shutting shop because of mass scale plagiarism. The organization providing them with 250+ articles daily had cancelled their contract and was contemplating taking legal action against the offender, which they did. At the end of the day, both my daughter and me were left without any work.

I started writing articles for an individual from Ahmedabad. Each time I would request him for payment, he would say that there was no need to worry and that he would clear my dues within a few days. After two months, I decided to call it quits and told him so in a decent language. As of date, I have yet to receive that money. I have found some reputable individuals who provide me with a regular flow of work. You might call it destiny, but I beg to differ. However, I would like to share certain points with those who are new to this field.

  • Set up a minimum rate and adhere by it
  • Charge higher rates for press releases and product reviews
  • Always demand upfront payment when working for a new client
  • Keep the voice (1st person or so) consistent throughout the article
  • Take a break of an hour or so after completing the article and review it
  • Do not feel frustrated if you do not succeed at your first attempt
  • Do not toil throughout the day… by doing so you will burn yourself out
  • Be honest with yourself. If you cannot undertake a job, say so to the client.

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  1. Excellent write up. I admire your dedication. The tips are also very useful.


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