Neoventis is Hiring Freelance Content Writers - Anyone Up for it?

Dear Friends,

I recently received a freelance job offer from a company called Neoventis. Since I will not be able to take up the gig at the moment, I was wondering if any one of you would be interested. You will be required to write original as well as rewritten articles and the payout is $10/1000 word article .They will probably ask you to submit a sample assignment which will be paid for.

Since the opening is urgent, it might help to be prompt with your applications.

Mail Mr.Tapan at for more details.

Good luck!

This opportunity is now closed.


  1. hi, thanks. let me check it out.

    with regards,

  2. The e mail id - does not exist.All my mails have bounced back.Shuchi,kindly correct the mistake and give only genuine openings on your website.

  3. This opening is closed. Please check the date of the post before applying.

  4. Hi Suchi,
    You do have a beautifully designed blog and I see you are taking care to see the content updated frequently. I am a part time freelance writer and I concentrate on dissertations and research papers.
    I wanted to comment on the amateurism being displayed by the few Indian companies who are setting up writing sites.I think that these people are still living in a fool's paradise. So much talent is available in our country that if IQ or brainpower were alternative energy sources,the entire planet's could have met by us Indians.
    It really is demeaning that job posters from India think that a dollar is huge money. I have come across job notice boards where domestic promoters are offering Rs. 45 or Rs.50 for 500 words.I really shudder to think the quality of writers these people will get at such rates. These people are really ruining our image.
    I know people in the UK and US who are also into freelance writing. There any writer charging less then 40$ per hour are presumed as aspiring writers whose content is sure to be to be of inferior quality.

    People here think that web freelancing brings in easy money and that it's not a job. So, even $1 extra is OK.
    The truth is the opposite.Its a sale of your intellectual property, which you have developed by putting in lots of hard work.

    What do you say?

    Your idea of a forum of Indian Freelancers is a really good idea.I'm all for it.


  5. Do people recruit writers only the candidates who got the qualification such as arts,journalism,media ?


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