Gadgets For Writers - Which Ones Should You Own

From idea-conceptualization and research to networking and actual ‘writing’, gadgets have become an indispensible part of any writer’s life. We picked some basic ones that every writer should possess.

1) Desktop/Laptop/notebook/Mini-laptop: A PC is to a freelance writer what a hospital is to a doctor. As a writer, you cannot exist without one. The headings go according to the ascending order of portability. Software such as Microsoft Word can make a life ultra-simple for writers. With a little knowledge of website development, it is easy to launch your own writer-website or blog. Design your website by using easy-to-use html tools, leave the deployment to a professional, save yourself money and get yourself a digital identity. Post articles on your website and you might soon be the "Person-of-Interest" for many. However, these gadgets are lifeless without an internet connection. Do I need to discuss why? In a fast-paced world, where time is money, you need an internet connection to communicate with your clients and submit work. Needless to say, this one tops the list of gadgets for writers!

2) Ipads/Tablets: They provide more portability but fewer features in comparison to PCs and typing on these gadgets mat not be very pleasant. However, if you are an avid reader, consider buying one.  Download an e-book and you have found a suitable replacement for an actual book! Moreover, in one gadget, you can carry thousands of documents and files. With the IOS and the Android war in full swing, the user-interface of these gadgets is going to get better and better and so will the performance. Some of them also provide sim-card slots and can be used as an internet device for any-time information access. Tablets can provide you an access to email so you may find then really handy in places where wi-fi or mobile networks exist.

3)Smartphones: Every professional writer needs to be reachable by phone and smartphones are an ideal replacement for your not-so-smart one. There is no dearth of choices that the smartphone segment offers today. Though portability and any-time net access are the key features, they may not provide a good 'read' and 'write' experience. Instant access to email and social networks helps you stay connected when you are mobile. You can use them to communicate with clients, jot down ideas, research materials and a lot more. They are truly a valuable addition to your gadget kitty.

4) Handheld PCs: Although they don’t have an upgradable RAM and offer one of the worst writing experience on a lifeless keyboard, they may be useful for emails, blogging and surfing on the go. Whether you need to send an urgent mail, share files, research something important or have a virtual meeting with your clients, handheld PCs prove rather useful at times. However, they cannot replace a high-performance laptop/desktop.

5) Portable Storage Devices: Although cloud computing is the new rage, it helps to keep a backup of your files and data on a pen drive or external hard-disc. The obvious advantage is that you can access your data from anywhere even if there is no internet connection.

6) Pen and a notepad: Go the traditional way and catch hold of those fleeting ideas! Once upon a time, these were the most important tools for any writer and many continue to use them even today. Most of us will agree that there is a certain charm in penning down words – it makes us feel like “real” writers! Rabindranath Tagore — the great Indian Author and a Nobel Laureate – always carried a pen and a notepad. Those were the times with no internet but still, he was magnificent in his research, analysis and expression. Pen and papers continue to be the simplest, most cost-effective and reasonably portable tool for any writer.

Written By: Rishabh Kothari

Rishabh is a techie who loves penning down words in his spare time. He is currently working on a non-fiction book, which he hopes to publish by the end of 2013. Visit his blog to know him better.


  1. Really valuable info for writers!

  2. Good article. Elementary but vital tools for any writer

  3. Could you please be kind enough suggesting me some best laptops (under Rs 30000) for writer? I heard, most branded laptops have substandard keypads, hence they prove to be incompatible to the writer, who usually strikes 6000 words daily.

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