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Hello Readers,
Long time, no post! Reason being that I have been way to busy with work (which is not a bad thing at all). The good news is that I got an offer from Chillifreeze to guest blog for them.The bad news is that I cannot republish those posts here :(. Don't worry though. I will keep you updated on the topics and provide a link to the chillibreeze blog where you can view the complete posts.

Thanks for hanging around!


  1. Writing works dually for me,both as a passion and therapy.As words flow you enliven your imagination in the form of words.It is a soothing activity and gives me lot of contentment and a sense of achievement.I would love to blog and share ideas with a lot of budding writers like myself and the public.
    sindhu shanker

  2. So is this chillifreeze or chillibreeze? You are a writer. Please get the spellings right at least!

  3. It is Chillifreeze, a sister site launched by Chillibreeze long ago, but it isn't functional anymore. You might want to do a homework before shooting off like that.


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