The Life Of A Writer Is A Joyous And Scary Ride!

Written By: Nifty Jacob (My Writer Story)

I can’t quite pen down reasons as to why I use, play, toy with, explore, discover and misuse words. Simply put. I am a closet writer and an idealist; and I have found my passion into something that I believe is bigger than me. I have rewritten my journey into how I found my love for words.


I have always been a book worn and an enthusiast for great language and vocabulary; however like many Indians, unbeknownst to me of where my true passion was, I explored through academic lines of commerce and eventually fashion. While I would say the combination has been a splendid eye-opener into diverse worlds,the thought that that certain bone-chilling quality escaped my work domain, made the closet writer in me move and my fingers etched words in undulating waves to release and liberate my unspoken angst, cravings, musings, dreams and hopes. Since then there has been no looking back. I write long verse, short prose and many more to exhilarate myself and cave into a deep urge to speak out my mind.

Love for Life

Discovering my new found love has bound me to the simple truth that Life is more wholesome and interesting when you do what you love, and love what you do. Being an amateur writer has bridled me in certain ways. I have many a times felt lost on how to take my writing to the next serious level. How can I be an accomplished writer? What are the dos and don’ts? How do I approach organizations and what should I say to convince them to pick me; a jejune person looking to step into the offbeat tracks of a writer. Enrolling in a Creative writing course, learning to pitch my articles and writing a lot more are baby steps that I am currently taking. One of them would be hoping that you my dear reader would give me the honor of reading this.


The most wonderful aspect of plunging knee deep into writing is that there is no certain way to do it; there isn’t know-how to follow. I control the letters and words. I dictate the terms, I create the beginning and the ending and basically because I’ve felt it’s what I can do best. There is no grater joy than knowing that you can clout your passion and direct it the way you please to. I have been writing over morning pages and hot-coffee-turned-cold, picking my brain to constantly find new ideas and themes, learning words that would impress Shakespearians, and trying in any small way I can to make a mark for myself in the writing world.

Calling from the roof tops

A final note to the story. I have been wondering why fledglings and unknown faces such as I, take that frightful leap into the unknown, and why I choose to find my way in one of the most challenging fields. It’s not the money or the fame; nor is it the ease of doing. The pitfalls are many with sluggish growth rates; lined with chance and prone to initial disappointments. I for one do it because it is expecting the unexpected; it is moving out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to find new and devious modes and chapters; it is going to places unheard of, and writing of things that don’t exist. I do it for myself. Hence, come hell or high waters, I write; Because that is what I do best. Period.

For there is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”-Earnest Hemmingway

About the author:

A newbie writer, an amateur blogger, a Merchandiser and a Fashion Management student from NIFT; who seeks to use her writing skills and passion to give voice to areas of ideas, opinions and imaginations, and to make a difference. A vicious debater and an extraordinary cook in the making; ideally found to be lost among a swarm of books, taking laps in a pool, or talking about aims and aimless subjects with friends


  1. Very interesting and you are right about the fact that there is no know how book for writing. You either have it in you to write or not.

  2. Thank you.. Surprisingly I didn't know this post was published.I just happened to tumble on it.What Joy:)

  3. Lovely write-up. Superb article. Post more


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