How Being Spiritual Helped Me Earn More As A Writer

Written By: Trina Moitra

This is a slightly controversial topic so die hard cynics and the practical beagles may bow out of reading it early on. And those who decide to stick around…you are forewarned that your life may change forever.

There was a time a few months ago when I was going through an anxious patch of time. Even though projects were plentiful and money was flowing smooth and easy, I would lie awake at night fretting about things and how some fine day I was going to lose everything I had built with elbow grease and hours of typing!

Now any trained psychiatrist would have informed me that I was going through mid-life crisis. Before you picture me as a hag with salt and pepper hair let me elaborate: Everything has a life span, believe it or not your career does too. Some ventures tend to have a longer shelf life than others. But the bottom line is the fact that nothing lasts forever. Or to paraphrase that old adage slightly: Nothing seems great forever.

When you settle into something, nice and cushy, you get accustomed to the rhythm of the entity-be it a relationship or a career venture, your ever busy and mischievous human mind makes you binge on a smorgasbord of anxiety and tension as an alternative to the frenzied action that is now missing. Why? Because we are our own worst enemy! Homo sapiens have struggled for so long and for so many different goals that being on our toes and constantly harried has become a part of our genetic and sub conscious make up.

So all freelancers out there if you are wondering why your motivation is depleted and the shine has left the day- you are suffering from mid-life crisis of your career. This tends to haunt writers a lot more frequently than other professionals because let’s face it…writers are sensitive, profound people who read too much into portents and presages! J

Pardon that little detour, so there I was unhappy, feeling dumb and losing my sarcasm. That was when a very inspired woman who has achieved a lot in her life forwarded me the link to this amazing Facebook page- The Law of Attraction. I know that after The Secret everybody has been evangelizing the Law of Attraction but I was a bit of an ignoramus where positive thinking was concerned. So the principles seemed wondrous to me. I was enchanted with the concept of affirmations- positive present tense first person statements which are supposed to plant the suggestion of affluence and plenty in your mind. And I fell to practicing them with gusto.

And you know what…three weeks into my new regime of positive thinking- I felt more depressed, defeated and lost than ever before. Negative thoughts are like silent childhood companions for most of us (except for those who have dogs) and valiantly fighting them off every day takes its toll. I don’t know how many of you reading this post have tried affirmations, but I doubt if any of you have had any consistent level of success with them. Because they are frankly overwhelming and quite dominating with their relentless overdose of strained forced positivity. Our mind simply rebels.

And my rebelling mind was causing me a ton of problems- including lack of sleep and motivation. I had managed to make matters worse for myself. But thankfully, I think on some level I was tuned to the universe even in my broken state because I discovered a recording by Marilyn Jenett. God bless this woman because she I think is the only one in the saturated Law of Attraction industry to have any real understanding of how the spiritual energy actually works. Anyway to cut a long story short, I learnt and in some cases improvised upon knowledge to come up with three facts and practices which can help any writer land more jobs. Why writers? Because we are sensitive, profound people! Remember?

·        Forget the how and enjoy the wow. Identify the financial goal you wish to achieve for the year and then stop fretting about how you can manifest the same! How will this help? Well when you stop obsessing over details, you start seeing the big picture. You will find yourself noticing more opportunities when you leave the tough task of making your dreams come true to the generous universe. Try it please. It really works. It’s like searching for your spectacles high and low and then finding them perched atop your head when you finally decide you are going to relax and look for the damn thing later on.

·        Your jobs are not your source of abundance. Now I can see you smirking. I know you feel I have completely lost it. From SEO tutorials to hokum…how the mighty fall. But it is true. The source of abundance and in this case monetary abundance is not your freelancing gig. It is just one of the many channels through which money can flow to you when you recognize the true well spring of all plenty- the universal energy or God as some people like to call it. How will this help? When you are confident that you have many conduits waiting to fill your cup with abundance you start valuing your talents more. You have the confidence of refusing that $40 job because it doesn’t respect your efforts. You pick out the best and you go with the flow because hey, a power much greater than you is now steering your career.

·        Be generous and give. Last but not the least let me introduce you to the concept of tithing. All the benevolent religions of the world preach charitable giving. But how can you use tithing to your advantage? When jobs seem to dry up, instead of hoarding every penny you have and sinking into abject misery, gift someone near and dear to you with a spontaneous offering. Do it from the bottom of your heart and without worries. Do not think of your shrinking bank balance; imagine you have enough to tide you over for months. In short overcome your “lack mentality”. When you can successfully practice tithing, you will find that within 24 hours, you will get either a confirmation on your pending assignments or a new job offer altogether. I will not go into the dynamics behind this law, but it works like charm! Do it today, right now! And see the miracle manifest.

It has taken me around 300 hours of listening to recorded calls and scouring eBooks to come up with these three facts. And they are non-negotiable. Like gravity will make you fall from a 30 storied building and break your bones if you do not obey it, similarly these laws will attract all the right things into your life once you practice them correctly. There is no escape. There are no half measures.

Being religious and being spiritual are two poles apart. Religion says “God is Omnipotent”, spirituality says “You are God”! And that sentiment is not tinctured with arrogance. It is the truth. Delve a little deeper and try to connect with the energy flow of the universe. You will find your acumen improving and your intuition flourishing. And ultimately you will become a better writer.

This was an unscheduled post because I felt I had to share these insights with you. Do some deep thinking right now because too many people are running helter skelter doing all the wrong things and pushing their dreams further away. If you want any guidance, feel free to write in to me at And that stands for your freelancing queries as well. If you love where I come from, go to to experience the passion yourself. 

Till the next post…stay positive and abundant!

Trina Moitra is a certified Angel card reader and an avid law of attraction practitioner. She features in the top 0.09% of writers of the US based portal Elance.

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