5 Essential Qualities Of A True Writer

Written By: Annapurna Sharma

Who is a writer?
A writer is one who translates thoughts into words. Writers belong to different genre with regards to their abilities and interests. Writings benefiting the society at large, motivating the masses or for social causes can be categorized as social writing, whereas health writing does the work of keeping pace with medical developments. Writing is not always about fame and money. A writer speaks his mind which later sublimes into material wealth. A true writer needs to cultivate these 5 essential qualities.

  1. AUTHENTIC: The first and foremost ingredient is being ‘true to oneself’. Are you committed? The desire to write must be dominant and authentic. Writing is not about filling time spaces in your routine day but a genuine urge to transcribe the mind into words. Break free from the regular and monotonous daily schedules. Dreams of being a writer can only be cherished by setting goalposts and designing routes to take off. Tap the hidden talents and explore the strengths and weaknesses. Merely thinking of becoming an acclaimed writer and waiting for the right time doesn’t make one a writer. Every step of hard work to reach destiny counts.     

  1. FEARLESS: Fear is a reinforced emotion that stalls ones growth and development. Become fearless by breaking the structure that confines us in our comfort zones. Break the barriers of fear of rejection or failure. Nothing will go wrong as long as ones conscience is followed. As day follows night so does success follows failure. It is just a matter of time as failure is not the end of the world. Failures must become lessons. Step into new arenas, experiment and jump over hurdles to become triumphant. As Shakespeare has very rightly put –

                    “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose                                                                                                                                                                         
                      The good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”

  1. PROGRESSIVE: To become a prolific writer day to day progress is momentous. Honey bees carry nectar so patiently and laboriously to make it into sweet honey. A process so long yet fruitful. Initially achieving small things may be an uphill task but with time everything falls into place. Never look back, just move forward progressively. Plan, act and finish are the true mantra. Ascend the steps with hard work and painstaking efforts. Mastery cannot be achieved overnight. Grow steadily from ordinary to extraordinary.

  1. CONSISTENT: No matter what write consistently. Don’t relax with just one achievement. I know about this much better as I had erred. With just a single article published for the first time on an ezine, it was like I scaled the Everest. Beware! When eyes reach the head one hibernates one’s unique abilities. To make a mark in the field of writing one needs to struggle hard, unless you belong to those set of people who are satisfied with a little achievement. Inherent traits need to be recognized and worked on for best results. It is just a matter of timing; your work will definitely speak for you.

  1. CREATION: In the end it is ‘your baby’ i.e. ‘writing-piece’ that matters. Weave an intricate web of matter, a creation useful to the target reader. Create a larger than life picture cutting across all barriers of language. The Diary of Anne Frank is the most translated book of all times. More than 30 million copies of the book have been sold in more than 70 languages and in over 60 countries. However, keep in mind it is easier to walk the steps to reach success but much harder to maintain that forever. Finally Good luck.

Annapurna Sharma is an aspiring freelancer based at Vijayawada, India. With 10+ years of teaching Nutrition to college students in her kitty, health writing is her forte. A mother of a 14yr old, her other favorite niches include environment, parenting, home improvement, women’s and kid’s health.. She has numerous web-based articles to her credit and you can visit her blog http://aannapurnasharma.wordpress.com


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