How to Pitch to Fashion Magazines in India

Are you a fashionista who also knows her way around words? Do changing trends and ramp shows intrigue you? Can you dish out sartorial tips and advice to fashion victims? If yes, then writing for fashion may be just the genre for you!

The Indian fashion scene is booming right now and this spells fabulous news and a riot of work opportunities for freelance writers. Indian fashion magazines probably have the widest reach among masses and a byline in one of these glossies can go a long way in establishing your credibility as a writer.

Here are some fashion publications that pay for freelance contributions and are relatively easy to break into. We will update the list as we come across more.

Woman’s Era: Though not exactly an exclusive fashion magazine, it does carry fashion and beauty features in considerable numbers. Articles need to be submitted online through the submission form or by snail mail. Remuneration depends on the length and quality of the article and typically ranges from Rs.750 – 1000 per piece. The mag accepts fillers (300 words), short features (500 words) or detailed stories (1000 words). The flipside is that contributors are rarely kept informed about the acceptance of the article or the issue it is going to appear in. But you will surely find a cheque at your doorstep when you are least expecting it.

Time n Style magazine (A Times Group publication) is a highly reputable market and a dream addition to any writer’s portfolio. Articles are around 1000 words in length, well researched and of premium quality.The publication pays anything between Rs.750-1500 per piece.

Fashion and Fitness magazine, although only a few issues old, is another fast-emerging fashion glossy. They pay Rs.1000 per feature. The remuneration rates include photographs that are to be provided by the writer.On another note, I wrote a couple of pieces for them but never got paid >.<.

Contact information for submission can be found in the back-issues of the magazines or on their websites.

There is immense scope for Indian freelance writers in the fashion sector. With the fashion and beauty magazines being the most popular, there is no reason why writers should not try to pitch articles to these.


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  2. wow.... this was so damn helpful. thanx so much for sharing...

  3. Thanks a lot, Shuchi! It was great and v. helpful. Esp. bcoz finding out abt mags is not difficult but knowing if or not they pay back and wht amt and other practical things can be learned only through someone's exprnc. Plz kip updating the list. Best of luck to u in all ur endeavors!
    Rgds, Payal

  4. Hey Shuchi,
    Thanks for the informative article.
    Could you please update the list.

  5. Hi your info is quite helpful. I am looking for articles ( quality and unique ones ) Mostly on Islamic fashion. Any suggestion where can i get good writers ? ( not those freelance once they are bogus) I need real intelligent writers. I want to start a new blog on the subject.


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