IFW Blogging Contest 2013 - The Results Are Out!

Ok, the big day has finally arrived! It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to announce the results of the IFW Blogging Contest - 2013.

CONGRATULATIONS!! CONGRATULATIONS!! CONGRATULATIONS!! *streamers and crackers in the background*

Let me tell you that I had a hard time deciding upon the winners because there was some really tough competition among the shortlisted entries. The ones that I particularly liked have been listed under "special mentions". All these entries (including the ones selected for publication) will be featured on the blog one-by-one over the next few weeks. Once again, a huge thanks to every one of you who has participated in the contest or supported it in some way. I hope we are able to have many more exciting events like this one on the blog.

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners!

  2. Accolades for the winners... Good work!


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