The Narrow Stream

I had always enjoyed writing and reading what I had written. The bad outcome of this ‘fulfilling’ habit was this – I became the only reader who mattered. Soon my articles began to get complicated. They started flowing in lengthier, meandering paths. (Hey that felt good!) Initially it was the ‘non-English-enjoying’ group that moved out. Then it slowly began to encompass others – one at a time.
While I used to get inputs from so many quarters about my articles – suddenly they became a trickle. Well, that did not bother me – for I believed my writing was for a ‘choice’ crowd. In my writer’s scale of success – fewer readers meant I was a ‘wanted’ writer! Yeah, well…the few became nearly nothing – with even my admirers deciding to read my articles ‘later-on’. Then I chanced upon a course that had in its very introduction – the ‘No’ of writing. I think I sat down long enough (days actually) feeling so let down, before realization stepped in. Now, I write for readers (with me being one of them) ensuring that they can understand and relate to my pictures easily. It’s been a big learning for me to‘re-learn’. Oh! Yes I still enjoy reading what I write, but that also helps me to re-write.

Note: the inputs are growing too.
Learning everyday
Ashley Chris Vinil J P
Ashley is a trainer and writer, whose vision is to input into the lives of people for transformation. He believes that a person is truly growing, only when they leave behind a legacy – footprints of positive stories in all the areas of their lives. He did his education in science and business management. He is thankfully married to Priya and they have a lovely son Kevin. They reside in one of the mushrooming flats in Bangalore and manage comfortably without a pet.


  1. I'm wondering where I can go to higher reliable ghostwriters in India? How does remuneration work in the Indian freelance writing industry? etc. etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. like the way you put down your thoughts on paper



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