Challenges Faced By A Newbie Freelance Writer

Written By: Thajes Simon
Oh He has got it all planned out so easily? That is what most people say when they come across a well established freelance writer. What they see is a person who gets a five figure pay without leaving the comfort zone of his/her houses. But what they do not realize is the challenges a freelance writer has to go through to be an established writer. In this article let us look into a few challenges faced by newbie freelance writers.
  1. Lack of Ideas
Lack of ideas is an issue in any given field and it is a major one if you are a freelance writer.  You must have ideas flowing into your head every second, but what counts is that how many of them are worth spending time on.  The first step should always be to find a niche. Once you have fixed on that spend a lot of time reading other blogs and books based on your niche. Always be ready to note down that amazing idea that flow into you. It could in a bus, while eating or even while having a shower. Make it a point to note down each one of them.
  1. Finding genuine work
It takes a lot of effort to get yourself out there and be noticed. You cannot expect to earn right away from your very first article. As a freelance writer you have to do a lot of independent writing before you start getting genuine clients. Think of it as a marketing technique, write good quality articles consistently in your blog and market yourself by sharing your views on other blogs as well. Get the curiosity to rise among people. Once you have established yourself as a consistent blogger, that first freelance work of yours is not far away.
  1. Negative Feedback
A newbie freelance writer has to be very optimistic in his approach.  Negative feedback is inevitable, be it a newbie or a well known freelance writer. Take any feedback positively and try to improve your work. There is no possible way to please everyone with your writing, so please do not waste your time trying to be one.
  1. Finding Time
You need to give yourself ample time to put in your cent percent to an article. It has to be written, read and rewritten many times before putting it out in the public. So I would suggest on avoiding procrastination and starting your work right away.
Hope you found this worth reading and I sincerely wish that you become a terrific freelance writer.

About the writer:

Thajes Simon wrote frequently and consistently in his college and school days for his University notice boards and magazines.This engineering graduate who has completed his bachelor's in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is an aspiring writer.This article right here is his very first one to be published on a website.Relatively a new blogger,he hopes to reach out to people through consistent and quality writing. 


  1. Good start Mr.Thejus
    Keep going, best wishes.

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    Very good Mr Thejus... Wish you all the best..

  11. Thank you every one for the support. Do follow me on blogger.

  12. Hello, great post and quite encourgaing for the newbies out there. I remember my fresher days still. Superb article, keep them coming. God bless.


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