How To Come Up With A Super-Awesome Title For Your Article/Story

Written By: Jaideep Bhattacharjee

“I don't want that to be the headline”.
Terrell Owens

So true indeed! Every reader always has an opinion on the headline of any story or write-up and hence, it is imperative that a well written article is ‘led’ by an impressive headline. Headline opens or closes the door for a writer to make people read his/her article.

Often than not, a well written story but with a poor headline fails to evince the required interest whereas a great headline albeit with a mediocre story has people still reading through the lines.

So, it is important that a writer pays adequate attention to the headline and it is not an easy task.

To capture the essence of the whole story in few words is no mean task and here lies the ability of the writing skills.

As a writer and, more importantly, as an avid reader, I look at the following when I see any headline:

  • Simple but yet creative - News based stories solicit straightforward headline but an article or a feature, ideally, should have a creative headline. It always is an opening door.

  • Humour - Have some pun or satire in it. Basically, little humour is always a desired ingredient

  • Basis the subject, use of some common French or latin word too is acceptable. More so, in case of travel or food based write ups. It connects with the overall milieu!

  • Hinglish – In Indian context, of late ‘hinglish’ has evolved as a ‘new language’ especially amongst the Gen-Y readers. So may be, depending upon the story, use of a hinglish word here and there is not a bad choice.

  • Ratify -  It is not actually a bad idea to have the headline run amongst few of your friends. See their response. May be take feed back too (but not too much!) and if your headline is a ‘thumbs down” by all, then there is a serious need to change it otherwise you just go ahead. Your own conviction is the ultimate check point.

  • Think as a reader – Always think as the potential reader before writing the headline and the story. In other words, convince YOUR SELF dispassionately on the headline to become passionate about it.

Don’t struggle too much and don’t get too serious about it. If you are still not getting it, then like everyone says, just sleep over it. It will come to you.

Follow the principle of 3 C – Create(ive), Connect & Clarify. If we can follow these 3 Cs, I guess life becomes simple and writing becomes simpler.

So what are you waiting for? Employ your grey cells (yes, I am copying Agatha Christie here) and get to work. Write the headline and the story will follow.  

About Jaideep: I am a Marketing professional by choice and a writer by aspirations. I love to give shape to my thoughts by weaving words together. I like to write on multi topics including Travel, Food, Movie Review, Art & Literature and yes, politics and current affairs too.

For any writing requirement, please contact me on

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