Top Online Resources That Can Make You A More Productive Writer

Written By: Trina Moitra

I think that we have firmly established time and again that freelancing as a profession is incomparable. It is a veritable Atlantis if you have talent, stamina and will! Just dig in your feet and keep searching for the gold. Recently I conducted a webinar for newbie freelancers for the portal Elance and was struck afresh by the bland landscape that most freelance writers have to contend with. Compare it to the perfectly flamboyant way in which graphics designers and web developers can “bait” clients- with gorgeous colorful work and interactive web features-and you can hear groans from all corners of the world. The bottom-line my friends, is glaringly obvious. Even though writing is one of the most sought after categories in the world of self-employment, it is one of monotony! Just reams upon reams of paper (or in this case Word Documents) filled with size 12 Ariel font. At the most there can be the use of Formatting tools like Bold and Italics to spice up the fare. But that is where the supposed innovation ends for most of the talented writers. No one thinks beyond correct grammar and impeccable vocabulary. That is fine, as a writer you are expected to hit a home run on both counts. But what about taking it a step further! Putting the heat up a notch?

Ask the simple question: Why can’t writing assignments look just as interesting and visually appealing?
The answer is a vehement Y-E-S! With a couple of online resources, your work can take a whole new dimension and you will find your clients coming back to you for more.
  1. The first online resource I heartily recommend is the usage of stock photographs. Sites like  are treasure chests for writers and bloggers alike. Simply drive home a point better or just break the sea of text with pertinent images. Clients will love you for your thoughtfulness if you send some royalty free photos with every assignment so that they don’t have to hunt for images online. Brownie points for you!

  2. The second resource that is an absolute must have for weary freelance writers is Tick! No…I am definitely not asking you to consort with fleas and other assorted pests! Tick is the really simple and sweet tracking software solution from It has a simplistic interface and bold font to help you hit the budget with independent freelancing jobs. If you are a part of a portal like Elance, you can avail of their custom created tracking device which works like an absolute dream.

  3. The third important online resource that writers should try out is something which can save them from a lot of needless distractions. Quietwrite may seem lightweight in comparison to other options but who needs all the trumpery? It is a full screen writing solution which makes the tempting taskbar icons disappear. No blinking “XYZ messaged you” notices by Facebook or tiny message icons of Skype. And there is the provision to export the text directly to WordPress. Works like a charm.
  4. Wridea from is my next cutting edge entry to this rapidly expanding list. Don’t worry I will stop at 5. Wridea is created especially for writers to facilitate the organization of the idea generation process. You can categorize your invaluable brainstorming output and share it with friends. And the best part is the fact that it is free. A boon for freelancers who tackle multiple projects simultaneously each with a different set of requirements.
  5. Dropbox! Yes, that is indeed my final suggestion. Even though there are tons of sharing portals, old is gold. Well relatively old that is. Dropbox has a number of great features including the Basic Loader for large files and the option to link multiple uploads with the same e-mail address. Convenience personified. Don’t be under the impression that other online sharing platforms which promise more fee space than Dropbox are as good. This one is the best if reliable syncing with the client’s folder is your main aim. Ideal for the large eBook drafts.
So that’s about it. Some great resources for you to try and most are free. And in the interest of good article writing, I can’t resist adding a plus one! I know you are just clamoring to go and investigate these options. And most likely you will sign up for each. 90% of freelancers end up simply losing track of all the great subscriptions they have because of the betenoire of virtual traipsing- passwords. A little tool 1Password can ease matters and help you keep track of all your passwords. So that you can actually utilize the great resources internet has to offer.
Just like always I will end with a word of thanks to Ms. Shuchi Kalra- Madame you are inimitable! Please keep up the good work. I have received dozens of mails from readers of this blog and they are all a part of the Elance family now. You can be too. Register at . And if you have any freelancing related queries, e-mail me at I am happy to help.

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