Top 4 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Any Money

It must be disappointing to see that the time and efforts you invested in setting up your blog are not reaping desired results and you are still not making any money. If that is your story, you are not the only one going through that panicking scenario; there are many others too. However, you should consider yourself fortunate that you got to read this stuff because quoted here are the words of wisdom that came to me straight from a blogging expert, years ago when I too was a newbie just like you. Therefore, by posting these precious tips, I am trying to address the concerns of all those blogging enthusiasts who dream of making a living from their blog, but haven’t made a sizeable earning so far. 

First things first. You have got an amazingly designed blog with lots of great and attractive content. However, if you don’t have a blog monetization strategy at all, or one which is not up to the mark, your blog is not likely to rake in the cash. What you need to understand here is that good writing alone cannot bring genuine traffic to your blog; you must be good at marketing it too. Better marketing means better visibility for your blog, which translates into higher traffic. Once you establish a good readership, you can expect your site to yield bigger revenues than ever before.

Another factor that may be a big turnoff for your visitors is the wrong selection of hosting platforms or themes. It is surprising how bloggers get so caught up in the “content is king” philosophy and completely neglect the importance of an astounding and optimized theme. Even if you produce state-of-the-art stuff, it is of no use without right application of SEO tools. If your website is faltering because of the wrong theme, it may be a good idea to switch over to a Wordpress theme that is search engine optimized. 

It is quite possible that your blog is relatively new. In that case, it is not surprising that it generates scanty incomes that are much below your expectation. All you need is persistence – if you keep producing and publishing interesting articles and continue to keep your audience engaged, traffic and money are bound to flow in some day!

Make sure you are putting in adequate efforts to post qualitatively rich content to draw genuine visitors to your site. Meaningless content will put off visitors and your rankings will plummet – so will your earnings. If writing is your passion, but you are not seeing enough action by means of good comments on your blog, you must work towards enhancing your writing skills further. In fact, improvisation is a continuous process and if you want to ensure that your articles are not anything below excellent, you must keep developing and upgrading your skills.

 Make sure you adhere to these simple, yet effective principles, and watch your earnings rising manifold within the next three months!

Guest Post By: Shashank Karambelkar
Shashank is a freelance writer passionately involved in producing web content over diverse subjects, making them search engine favourable and spreading insight in the interest of budding writers.


  1. Hi Shashank,
    Thanks for your post !!
    I am facing the same issues and getting my blog website dis-approved by adsense everytime. I am trying other modes of monetizing my blogs. Probably i have not used the right monetization or SEO techqniques? I do have a good content with nearly 40 posts but am failing to make money out of it. Can you give some suggestions?

  2. I think at times it is not so much of the content and the quality, sometimes it is just the name or the 'early bird' syndrome. Like if a blog is older in a particular niche it is likely to get more traffic. There are blogs that are not that great when it comes to the writing quality but they get excellent traffic, mainly because they entered a niche much earlier than others. For instance if an Indian Blogger will aim at a TECH Blog today, he already is on the backfoot even before launching his blog as the competition is immense and that category is oversaturated.


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