Starting out as a freelance writer

Actually I did not choose freelance writing rather it chose me. It is not to say that I did not make efforts to become freelance writer. I just prepared my resume and posted it on the job portals. So I started getting calls for interviews. I did not expect it at all! It boosted my confidence. But all of these were full time positions. I went for interviews and I finally I got the job. Actually, I got rejected at one or two places but it did not dampen my spirit to move further.
In fact these were the learning steps. These interviews were actually series of tests. They were checking my English writing skills. It was just the case of matching of requirements. Finally the job I got was the most suitable for me. It took least commuting time and was comfortable. I learnt a lot there though I worked just for about 7-8 months. I built a portfolio there which came to my help later when I started as a freelance writer.

I left the full time job because I was not meant to work outside home because of my family responsibilities. (I know how I cope those 7-8 months of working outside). Being freelance writer gives you freedom which one thing you do not get when you are working for others. I was determined to become a freelance writer and I became one. I got my first assignment form a job portal. And you know my client was very satisfied with my work and he gave regular projects for more than one year before we parted ways. In between I got more regular clients. Since then there is no stopping and there is no single day when I am without work.

The most important thing when you start out on your own is to believe in yourself and not to loose your confidence. Have patience and put full effort even in a small assignment. Making a client satisfied is the most important point in the whole business of freelance writing.

Vandana Singhal is a freelance Writer based in New Delhi India. This science grad from Delhi University has written for various topics including travel, lifestyle, health, culture, product reviews, science, technology, software, freelance writing, careers, environment and more. Her articles have been published in article directories, magazines and websites. Visit her here.


  1. Hi Vandana,
    Nice to know about your journey as a writer. Could you please name a few companies that you have worked for or have some experience with, for the sake of all of us?


  2. Love the blog! Let me know if you are intersted... I am looking for an unlimited quantity of 400 word articles to be written. They can be about any topic that you would like, it just has to be approved by me first. I am willing to pay between $1-2 an article depending on how good your work is. If it is REALLY good I can go up to $3 and provide unlimited work.. you can write about what you love to write about. I can give you an unlimited amount of work please contact me asap.

  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable info - very generous of you. Now I have some clue as to where to start with this writing malarkey!

  4. Same here... i am sailing in the same boat :)

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