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I am an experienced freelance writer now. But it was not so few years ago. I took to writing very late in my life. I am a science graduate with a diploma in computer software applications. Like all other youngsters I also had dreams of making big in the software field.
After I finished my studies, I started job hunting but could not get any interesting offer. I took the job of a computer instructor in computer training institute. There I wrote course content for them. That was the first time I wrote something commercially. But at that time it did not click to me that I can become a writer. After that I got married and got busy with home, family and later kids.

Many years, about 7 years, I spent just in domesticity. All those years, I was feeling lack of worth in myself. I just wanted to do something which can get me some monetary benefit. I already had computer at home and one day we got internet connection. Internet was expensive at that time and I got little time to surf that. I used to look for work-at-home opportunities as I could not leave my kids alone at home while I go away at work. So I decided why not give content writing a try. It was the beginning of my freelance writing career.

Vandana Singhal is a freelance Writer based in New Delhi India. This science grad from Delhi University has written for various topics including travel, lifestyle, health, culture, product reviews, science, technology, software, freelance writing, careers, environment and more. Her articles have been published in article directories, magazines and websites. Visit her here.


  1. Hi,
    I'm very happy for you Vandana.Can you also tell more about it.Who helped you,did you take up sme courses.
    I'm also a science graduate.
    My name is Navaneeth.
    My id id

  2. hi,
    I feel every house wife who is having some interest should start writing from home.
    Tell us more about your journey in to writing.

  3. Hi Navneeth....writing is not just for 'housewives' (pardon me, but I find the term very demeaning to women). You can succeed as a writer only when you treat it as a profession and a full-time career rather than something you 'do from home' to earn an extra buck. Work from home jobs are still jobs and they are in no way easier or less demanding than a 9-5 one.

    1. Yes, quite right. Even i think the same way. It hurts your amour propre when this noble profession is treated this way.

    2. In fact, being a housewife is much more demanding than being a writer. For that matter, being anybody, even being the president of a country. Being a housewife is the most noblest of acts, I do not agree with the term profession, the word means doing something for money, for 'money' doing something for money, makes things cheap.

  4. Hi Shuchi,

    You well said that freelance writing is not just for earning some extra bucks. YOu need to be as dedicated as any other professinal in respective fields. You also need skill and passion to succeeed. However, I do not mind being a housewife as every woman is a housewife when it comes to home and family, at least Indian women. It is not at all a demeaning word. This is a negetive feeling in some conservative minds. ( I hope you won't mind:))

  5. offers freelance writing and work from home opportunities.

  6. hi shuchi,
    even i want to make a career in writing.... can you tell me in which magazines in india shud i apply for writing my articles??

  7. I am also a software professional looking to start my writing career.Could you please let me know how can I start and approach which of the publication houses or may be start as a freelance writer.Pls mail me at

  8. Hi,

    I found your blog very informative, thank you. I, like Vandana am a educated women who has been busy with home and kids for the last five years. Now, I want to do some work that can earn me money. I love reading, and am good in english language. I want to explore myself as a writer, want to know which style I am good at. Where do I start?


    my email id is

  9. Hi my name is Pearl and i am a mother of an eight months baby, with a degree in media communications and culture, but have been struggling to get a freelance writting job to supplement my income. i am from Africa Botswana so if there is any ssistance you ccan offer please help. my email address is

  10. Hi Vandana! I just read your blog and am seriously interested in putting my writing flair to good use while my daughter is away to school. The only thing is I do not know where to begin. You were positively right; 'housewife' is definitely not demeaning( the skills that go into that!! )provided you maintain your self-respect and make yourself useful in all circumstances. Please let me know how to begin. My email id is


  11. I do appreciate your willingness to write. To begin writing, it's good to write about what do you think of the routine chorus of every day and your philosophy, beliefs, interests, too. Why don't you write about yourself?

  12. I would like to start a magazine. How do I find out like - minded people who work with me and support the same?

  13. Dear Vandana,
    I can connect with your article as I,too, am sailing in the same boat that you have been in some time ago. Also, the term "housewife" has now been upped to " Homemaker" and I feel this term rightly describes women at home who are committed to their duties.
    I am happy for you, Vandana, and I hope I too will land in the heaven that you are flying in:) Regards, Shania

  14. hey...please help me out...i also want to b a freelancing writer. I am based in new delhi and my email id:
    I am sure that you can help me :) :)
    Looking forward for your reply

  15. hi madam. I am an avid blogger. I love writing. can u help me this field. somewhere down the line I want to be an author also
    :) my blog-


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