Bonobology: a wonderful platform for storytellers

Hello people! Wanted to share with you all, this cool space that I came across on relationship discussions. Titled Bonobology, it has engaging (judgement free) stories and discussions on love (all kinds of love) and how it affects us. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many relationship issues covered under one umbrella. Apart from marriage-divorce, break up or sexual problems, they have stories on open and live-in relationships, LGBT, infidelity, polyamory, abuse and much more... It seems like the perfect community for people to come together to share, discuss and resolve various issues. I also felt, the sound advice given by the team of experts (sexologists/lawyers/counsellors...) to questions sent in, might be helpful to readers dealing with problems of their own.

I genuinely enjoyed browsing through quite a few articles on their page and look forward to reading more, hence recommending it here... You can check it out at

Below is a short  video on Bonobology. 

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