Top 10 tips to kickstart your freelance writing career

Written by: Dipannita
When I started my writing career as a freelancer, there was no one to help me. I was not sure whether I will survive in this field or not, but my passion for writing saved my life. Today, I am sharing some tips on freelance writing and it will definitely help you get success in this writing field.

1. You need to work hard- There is no shortcut to any success. There is not going to happen any miracle in your life. You will not get any big break of your work. But, you have to show your hard work and that will definitely pay you a good return. Though it is an old fashioned technique, but it never goes out of fashion.

2. High pay high visibility- Why will you earn $200 for 40 articles when you can write one article for $200? Remember, if you search for high quality clients, then you can take yourself to one step ahead in the writing service. Working with high paying clients give you more visibility and also improves your confidence in the writing service.

3. Fear of rejection- There is an old saying “failures are the pillars of success” and so rejections are common in writing services. If one client likes your content and writing style does not mean that everyone will like it. So, do not lose your hope in the fear that you are not good in writing. You are always good in your way of expression and writing skill. Keep trying and improve your skill in writing to get more clients.

4. Importance of query letters- Are you aware of query letters? Well, you can easily send queries to the publication house and they will get back to you soon. If you do not know how to draft them, then you must study about them and learn more about these letters. It is an important tool for all freelance writers.

5. Networking- Freelancers generally work from home and the networking skill is only bound to the online world. But, you should move out and expand your networking. When people will ask you what you do? Give them your business card and explain about your profession. When someone come to your house, handover your business card to them so that people come to know about your skill and service.

6. Join writer’s community- These communities are really strong and worth for you to establish a strong position. Successful writers will come to know about your profession and you can ask or share advices and tips on different fields. They also act as an energy booster and motivate you to write more. These communities are open for all aspiring writers.

7. Promotional items- If you are a successful writer, then you can use the promotional products as giveaways. It will make your clients happy and they will stay connected with your service. It is another way of marketing your skill and fetch more clients.

8. Social media Profile- Today, the impact of social media is very strong. You must create good social profile online so that people come to know about your skill. Your professional profile in the professional social network should catch the eyes of other professionals. You will get more recognition and you can display your skill in an open platform.

9. Write down the ideas- You must write down the ideas when they are coming instantly. It will give you the confidence to fetch more quality work. These ideas will pull you up when you need them the most and give you a better way out when you are in crisis.

10. Take good care of our health- “Health is wealth” and you need to take good care of your health. You must always eat right and follow healthy diet. Good exercises will keep your body fit and fine. Good sleep is also very important for a fresh morning and a great day. So, you should take overall care of your health and stay happy to continue your work.

So, here are tips that will flourish your writing career. Beginners can follow these trends slowly to make a remarkable position in the writing world and create their own identity.

About the author:

Dipannita is a website writer by profession. She is a sea lover, enthusiast and optimistic. She also runs a blog and pen down her personal thoughts.

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