The most useful tools for writers and what to do with them

Written By: Amy Cowen

Being a freelancer is a rewarding job considering that you get to have the flexibility when it comes to managing your time without comprising the amount that you can potentially earn. As freelancing jobs are becoming more in demand and popular, there are also now a lot of online tools that you can use to find for jobs, project and time management, acquire skills and a whole lot more. Working as a freelance is pretty much the same with people who are working in a fixed day schedule job. You need to constantly improve on your skills, satisfy your clients and accomplish projects.

This is a great tool for those who are searching for the best freelance projects that you can find on the Internet. In one place, you will no longer have a hard time finding a freelancing stint that suits your skills. Almost all of the awesome gigs in various websites can now be easily accessed in one site. Just imagine the time that you can save with the help of this tool.

Working remotely and working with freelancers pose various challenges especially when it comes to assigning, managing and executing projects. With so many things to do and with overflowing information and details, it is crucial to have a common platform where freelancers can access the projects and where project managers and business owners can provide clear instructions and directions for a more efficient output. Among the best tools that you can find is Asana. Through this tool, you can assign projects, set schedules and deadlines to freelancers.

Managing work is really difficult. The traditional way of task and project management is already challenging what more if you have to do it online. Thanks to tools like Wrike you can now have a real time workspace that you can use for sharing documents, collaboration, discussions and a whole lot more. This is a reliable and efficient project management tool where everyone can discuss tasks, share documents and have a much better workflow.

For those who are looking for one of the best document automation tool, the Quote Roller is a good choice of software. This is a sales tool that everyone can effectively use as it has almost everything that you need to help you turn potential leads into clients and to generate sales. With this tool, you can easily make sales documents, have electronic signatures and make your workflow automatic. Quote Roller can save you a lot of time which can further increase your team's productivity. By using this tool, you can ensure the complete accuracy as well as analyze the document analytics.

When managing projects, there are just too many details involved. It gets more challenging especially if you are in the kind of industry that has technical and intricate workflow and processes. Blur Group is where you can find enterprise services platform that you can use for the following: sourcing, purchasing, delivery, management and marketplace. If you are in search for the best enterprise class expert provider, you can never go wrong with Blur Group. is considered to be one of the biggest platforms where freelancers can search for jobs and where businesses and companies can find and hire freelancers suitable for the job. The site has more than1.5 million members worldwide and there are various of jobs available depending on the industry and the skills needed. Employers can just post a job for free and in turn freelancers can submit their resume and portfolio to be able to apply for the job.

When establishing your business, there are many factors that you have to consider. Planning to put up your own business is difficult. is a website where individuals get to have startup advice. They can learn many things and useful pieces of advice from business owners and other entrepreneurs. You can easily signup for free membership and start accessing valuable information and resources that you can use to create more networks and to have a successful business startup.

When looking for a professional writing service company, you often find tons of choices. Among them is the They offer different writing services depending on the kind of content needed by the client. From writing blogs to online marketing content, one can just place for the order and confirm the payment to avail the service. Those who are in need of professional writers can rely on the kind of service that this site provides.

To improve your productivity, it helps to take time to brainstorm ideas and the best way to do this is through mind mapping. There are various tools that you can use for this purpose. Among the best mind mapping tools that you can find is the Mind Meister. This tool offers very useful features that enable you to brainstorm projects, collaborate, develops strategies and even come up with presentations. From the basic brainstorming to creating SWOT analysis and even meeting notes, this this tool has a lot of powerful features. You can also download the mobile app so you can use it through your mobile device.

Using these tools can help you become a more efficient freelancer. Whether you are starting your career and searching for jobs or you are managing projects, you can use these tools to further advance your career to promote customer satisfaction and provide quality output.

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Amy Cowen is a freelance writer at and contributor to different blogs who focuses mostly on technology, tools and all the latest trends which are interesting for content marketing specialists and networking enthusiasts.


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