12 Habits Of Highly Successful Writers

Written By: Inderpreet Kaur

Writing for a living is not an easy profession because your credibility gets you more work and you need to have something to show for your skill. Finding good work and the kind you want to do is even more difficult since you are second guessing all your actions. The path to success is not an easy one, that we all have heard a million times but how do we make that ‘hard work’ really work for us? The emphasis must not be on just working but also working on making sure you capitalize on all possible areas that will help you materialize the writing success you want. The road is not an easy one but then the good things in life never are.

These habits will however guide you towards you goal a lot faster than just struggling in the dark.
A lot of clich├ęs in these few lines but I must say that sometimes they work because after all they are based on experience!

1. Setting Clear Goals – Every success achieved starts with a goal to achieve. It need not be very big or complex. You might not write the whole book in a month but you might get yourself to write a page every other day. Baby steps make anything possible.

2. . Thinking Big, Planning Small – The success of any task is based on the amount of planning that has gone into it. The execution of any great idea depends on the minute details which many of us take for granted. So check and double check your work, brush up on your writing, language and grammar.

3. Pitching & Sending Queries – The golden rule of any success is to go out and try to work towards the goals. You must nudge yourself daily to send queries or pitch ideas to editors. Make sure to send out a pitch yourself daily on the various options the literary world offers us.

4. Making Profiles On Job Portals and Freelancing Sites – You must make your profile on the various sites offering jobs like www.monster.com  www.naukri.com  and of course use www.linkedin.com not just as a site for your work profile but also to network and look for posted jobs and join groups related to your skill set.

5. Being Active On Social Media  The only benefit of www.facebook.com www.twitter.com and www.google.com is not just keeping touch with your friends and trying to have the coolest update but also to be proactive online and use the social media to highlight your area of work. Inform your contacts of the type of work you do and that you are open for new projects. You will be amazed with the power of ‘referrals’.

6. Writing Once A Day, Everyday – It sounds difficult and even I have difficulty adhering to this one. Give yourself that one time during the day for writing nonstop. Switch off the internet, phone and shut yourself in your writing world. You will be amazed at the amount of work you can get out of yourself.

7. Noting Down Ideas When They Come  Always carry a note pad or your trusted smart phone  but make sure whether it is day or night, whenever the idea strikes you write it down. Just a brief idea or outline will suffice if you cannot write in detail; you can work on it later. From such sudden inspiring ideas come great pieces of work.

8. Talking About Your Work – Not that your friends will not be aware of your writing skill but tell them in detail what kind of writing you do. Be specific about the kind of work that you have done in the past and what interests you the most.

9. Maintaining A Blog – Your blog is the first place anyone will go to when they want to find out about your writing style and the kind of work you do. The blog is a direct access to the best of your works and clear links to your work published elsewhere. Do not flood it with all your work but enough to get the interest going.  It makes it a lot easier for someone to decide if they want to hire you and publish your great work on their websites, magazines, papers, etc.

10. Subscribing To Blogs Of Interest – You can not only learn a lot by reading but also stay abreast with the latest happening in you chosen field by following the blogs and websites of the individuals doing their best. Some of my favorite are www.makealivingwriting.com,  www.mridukhullar.com, www.bloggingpro.com, www.productivewriters.comwww.copyblogger.com and the Indian favorite www.indianfreelancewriters.com  as well as  www.writetribe.com  and www.aha-now.com  They not only share great tips but you can also have a chance to write a guest post for them sometime in future.

11. Reading, Discussing & Sharing – Not just reading the blogs and the views that are shared but you must also comment and share your view point on all the information you read. You not only gain knowledge but also highlight you presence online.

12.  Not Giving Up – The most important aspect of any success is the determination and a positive attitude. Not giving up in the face of adversity, rejection and giving your best always will ensure you achieve the success and glory you are looking for.

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