A path well chosen.

Someone once said to me, ‘Poonam, you should watch your words, because they can create a negative impact on people.’ What he was referring to, then, was the unending string of abuses hurled at him after an exhausting fight.

While I decided to take up writing as a full time career option, he prides in giving me, what he calls a nudge, to take the plunge. For him, I took up writing because he thought I could create an impact on people. That’s what most writers aim for anyway!

Writing assignments don’t come easy. For that matter, anything that pays you money doesn’t come easy. Be it a regular 9 to 5 job or a freelancing opportunity. What one needs is determination and belief that the tide will turn and your efforts will reap rewards.

After completing my board exams (10th & 12th), numerous people asked me one question that made me gag. ‘What plans for the future, beta?’ Pretentious people, I say. They are not interested in what I want to do in life. They are interested in checking if I’m more ambitious than their own kids. If I am, God help their kids because we all know what pressures Indian children face after those examinations. And if my choice of profession is not at par with their child’s, then, well... they have something to show-off and talk about.

I was an average student in school; my marks were good, not top-notch. And I had no clue about what I wanted to do in life. After my 10th, I knew I wanted to take up commerce. Not because I had a flair for business and/ or accounting. But because I knew science was not my forte and Arts was for well, arty people. And now, when I have one year to finish my graduation, I’m haunted by the same question every night. Not by those nosy neighbors, (they’ve lost interest in me & probably found a new target to harass) but by my own mind. I had no clue of what I wanted to do in life. Until, a few days ago when I landed a writing gig with a magazine in Bangalore. (I refuse to call it Bengaluru)

The day I got appointed for it, was by far the best day of my life. I was looking for courses to enroll in to improve my writing and stumbled across a few. I got in touch with a few people who had taken the course and before I knew it, I had a writing deal with the magazine. My ever-boring life had a new side to it. The arty-crafty side. (For me, writing, teaching, painting and vocations like that come under the ‘arty-crafty’ section) I landed a job as a part time playschool teacher and a freelance writer.

I may not have a hundred thousand articles in my kitty or a set of contracts waiting to be signed but what I have is- determination.

But obviously, I can’t support myself on that. I’m too materialistic & I have expensive cravings. (Wish list for my birthday presents will be up soon, please take your pick.) I need more work. Actually, I want more work. I can’t wait to show-off my skills to people who are willing to see it. I am eager to build on this new career path that I’ve chosen and make a mark in it. I may be far, but I know I will achieve my goals & targets.

Being a Taurean, I’m told that I am stubborn.
Well, I think now is the time to make good use of that negative quality.

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  1. Hey Poonam,

    I so identified with your words, that I could have written this. As a fellow Taurean and writer, I know exactly how you feel. All dressed up with no clue where to go LOL. But hey, that's the fun of life, right? Discovering what's in store (at least sometimes).

    all the best with your writing.


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