5 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity As a Writer

Any writer worth his/her ink (ok,this phrase sounds so cliche but I'm going to use it anyway) knows how much surroundings can affect productivity. Whether you are a poet, novelist, blogger or a copywriter, you will probably need a set-up that will boost your imagination and get the juices flowing.

1.Most professional freelancers work from what they call a 'home office'. Now, this may not be an office at all. In many cases, it is a desk with office essentials like stationary, scanner and printer and post-it notes.We prefer to call it an "office" just to get that professional feel (nothing wrong at all in that one) but we also stumble upon the writer's block most often when we work on a desk!Change of scenario is sometimes vital to get on with the flow. If you find yourself stuck for ideas and words, pick up your lappie and head for someplace new - the patio, balcony, lawn, terrace or even a nearby coffee shop.

2.If you happen to be working on your desk, make sure all your office supplies are within reach. Keep your drawer well stocked with papers, stationary, a stapler, a few loose sheets of paper to jot down ideas, some munchies and bottle of water so that you don't have to run around for these and break your concentration.

3.Don't try to juggle household chores with your writing - you will never be able to reach your full potential.Schedule your to-do list for before or after your writing hours (preferably before so that you don't keep brooding over unfinished stuff). Keep your mind clear and clutter-free before you sit down to write and discourage family members and friends from visiting or calling while you are at work.

4.Most writers (including me) are addicted to the internet simply because it is our lifeline. We rely on it to find us work, build connections and browse for information. It is easy to get carried away and waste time on random blog posts, social networking sites and chats. Sometimes it helps to work offline so that there are no temptations and distractions to take you away from your work.

5.Some people find it helpful to play music while writing. I, for one, find it very distracting and prefer to work in silence. Find out what works for you.


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    I loved every information you have provided in your article. Surely, it must have helped many beginners like me.

  2. Lovely post, picked up many pointers. Thanks and keep churning out more such neat stuff. Cheers

  3. Nice read!!! A writer had many pressures to write something in detail and in easy way too. It is important to understand How to become a creative writer in simple and short way. Above article surely increase your productivity as a writer.

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    i like music playing softly in the background while i am at my writing. it sets my creative juices flowing.


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