5 Reasons To Write on The News Hub

Written By: William Wharfe
The News Hub is an open journalism platform making news sustainable. The basic idea is that contributors can publish whatever they like, whenever they like, and get paid for it.
If you’re tired of pitching stories that get rejected, tired of having to shape your opinions to fit a publication’s agenda, tired of working to someone else’s schedule, then The News Hub might just be for you. Here’s why:

1. Editorial freedom
On The News Hub, you have complete control over what you publish and when you publish. As any freelancer will tell you, it can be draining having to write about subjects that don’t inspire you. On The News Hub, you can cover topics you’re passionate about – whether that’s South Sudan’s murky peace process, climate change protests or even the shocking truth behind mozzarella. Every area is welcome so long as it’s related to current affairs.
2. Payment
The News Hub sets itself apart from the masses of websites taking content for free by paying for the best content. If your article is in the top 10% of its category during the month in which it’s published (according to page views and votes), then you’ll get paid. As the site has only just launched, it’s currently paying a nominal fee of US$10 per article – which is more of a token fee to show they’re serious about paying for content. As the site grows, the fees will increase to the point where it can offer the best rates in the business. Their aim is to ultimately make independent journalism sustainable.
3. Marketing
The News Hub uses its social media channels to actively promote all the articles you publish. It will also tell you personally how to seed and market your work, helping you to maximise your chances of getting into the top 10%, while also increasing the visibility of you and your work.
4. Network effect
If you post on The News Hub, your content will appear next to dozens of other articles, which means when visitors arrive to read other content, they’ll also see yours. This ‘network effect’ puts you in front of a larger audience then you’d attract on your own.
5. Editorial Feedback
The News Hub gives editorial feedback to writers – helping you to improve and develop your writing skills. That could mean anything from grammar and spelling to sentence structure or even the flow of your article. Of course, you may be the world’s greatest writer and have no need for such feedback, but it’s nice to know the option’s there. A second pair of eyes is always a good thing.


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