6 Things That Make Writing An Awesome Career Choice

Written By: Malavika Roy Singh

To earn a living through something that you enjoy doing the most is a fantasy to many, and I’m glad I can say so about my profession. Nothing is more rewarding than losing myself in a good book or writing about literally anything, to my heart’s content. To be able to voice out everything and anything under the sun, without any embarrassment or without the risk of being seen or heard, is gratifying to say the least.

Talking about writing let me tell you more about what I do and what I love about my work. Maybe that will help in deciphering the secret behind my satisfactory life as a writer.

1)    The pleasure of reading

Good writers often cite reading as an integral part of a writer’s job. Unless you have read a few good books, it’s difficult to grasp a few basics of writing well. In fact, the more you read, the more versatile you get with writing styles and flair!

Well, good for a person like me because I enjoy basking in the company of a book. For that avid reader in me, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a short or long story. The very idea of getting something to read thrills me. I’m simply glad that I can now officially have my time parked for literary reading!

2)    Freedom of expression

While many would think it in terms of spoken speech, to me it’s the written word. Writing has provided me a beautiful medium, where I can talk endlessly about life, my desires, my stories and my imagination. There’s nobody to stop me, judge me, opinionate me or criticize me. It’s just me and my world of words.

3)    Independence of being my own boss

Before I became a writer, I took several interesting detours in life. It was then I realized that I was not the kind of person to work under anyone. Maybe because I felt my creativity getting restricted or maybe I was of too high opinion of myself! Well, good that now I have writing as a profession, where I can set rules of my own work and pay, without anyone telling me what to do!

4)    The privilege of enjoying life as it is

As I became a writer, I grew more observant towards my surroundings, something which has made me more sensitive now. Maybe it’s because of this trait that I’ve grown fonder of the simple pleasures in life. Watching rains splatter on my window, sipping ‘masala chai’ in the rains, watching kids splash in water puddles are more than enough to make my life thrilling! In short, writing gives me the time, to indulge in my favorite things, for which I hardly had any time earlier!

5)    Ability to satiate my inquisitiveness

This might sound clich├ęd, but considering the variety of things that a writer writes, they all have to research and acquire a great deal of knowledge before penning it down. That’s the same for a freelance content writer like me, who has to write umpteen articles in a variety of topics. The very idea of reading extensive material on diverse subjects is intimidating, but at the end of a day, I’m glad that I get to satiate my inquisitiveness!

6)    Enjoying home, sweet home!

The very idea of staying and looking after my home as well as earning, without feeling any remorse for staying away from your loved ones is something that I don’t think I could have achieved in any other job. The word ‘distance’, which is a matter of such great significance for regular office goers, has gone meaningless in my profession. With my husband’s transferable job, I’m just so glad, I didn’t have to compromise on my job because of some ‘place’ or ‘distance’ issue!
The list doesn’t end here and I could have quoted a few more, but I guess that would be like talking too much! Considering the love for my job and the thrill it offers, I’ m sure my fellow writers will agree that these six pointers were too less to state that sense of euphoria that I have derived through the written word!

Author’s bio

Malavika Roy Singh is a full time children’s author and has stories published in ‘Kloud 9’, a national level children’s magazine by KIIT, Bhubaneshwar. She has made several other short story contributions in ‘Chicken Soup for the soul’, ‘Women’s Era’ and ‘Good Housekeeping’. 

Other than writing for herself, she is a blogger and freelance content writer for several firms. She spends most of her time, juggling her life in between article deadlines and household activities of a homemaker. When not writing for herself or her firms, she can be found spending time in kitchen, experimenting her culinary skills or soaked in a book. She currently lives in Vishakhapatnam with her husband. She can be contacted at malavika_ismd@yahoo.co.in

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  1. I really like the second one,being a freelancer we have a chance to express our views easily.I suggest students and candidates who are searching for jobs to become a freelancer.it will surely have a promising career.


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