How To Attract Better-Paying Clients: Secrets To Freelancing Success

Written By: Aaron Tokelove

Freelance writing can be tough business for those who are just earning enough to survive. It is crucial to pick up some higher paying clients in order to live above the breadline. The problem is that these jobs are harder for new writers to come by unless they are proactive and able to promote their services to the right kind of people. If freelancers hope to pick up higher-paying work, they need to get on the radar of the type of client who is willing to pay for quality. There are a number of measures that writers can take to get noticed, and the best of these methods will be discussed here. 

Here are a few ideas as to how freelance writers can get noticed by clients who will not shy away from paying a premium for services that match.

Build An Online Presence

One of the easiest ways to pick up new clients is to build an online presence using a blog or a website. This provides freelancers with the opportunity to showcase their talent, and if their blog posts are performing well on search engines, it demonstrates that they  know what they are doing. In order for a blog to attract clients, it is important to update it regularly. A good option is to use the slow periods to create blog posts that can later be added, so that there is always something fresh for readers to see. 

Produce Quality Content

Another effective method for getting on the radar of higher paying clients is to produce content that is useful and reader-friendly. This could include informative web articles providing tips on finding or working with freelance writers. By making a deliberate move to engage with the client, the freelance writer opens up several lines of communication. 

Present A Professional Portfolio

Professionals have portfolios. If a writer expects to be taken seriously, they will need to build up a portfolio and use it to promote their services. A portfolio is more than a CV because it  showcases samples of work rather than just listing qualifications and experience. A portfolio gives writers the opportunity to create the right kindof impression and demonstrate their skills. Freelance writers can host their portfolios on their website and link to it as part of their by-line when writing for clients. 

Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts for freelance writer websites is another way to get noticed. It can feel like a bit of a hassle to provide content like this for free, but it puts the person in touch with a new audience and hopefully, new clients. Click here for instructions on guest posting on this blog.

Network Across Groups

Engaging in online freelance forums is an excellent way to build up contacts and possibly even pick up high paying work. There are far more people reading the threads in these forums than actually participating, so it is important to always behave professionally. 

Specify Your Niche

One mistake that writers can make is that they fail to indicate their speciality. A client is usually going to be looking for somebody who has expertise in a certain area, and they will not be interested in a person who can ‘write about anything’. This goes back to the old saying, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. 

Don't  Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

In order to pick up these projects the writer must have confidence in their own abilities and be willing to hustle. If they do not feel that their skills are up to writing at this level, they will struggle to deal with pressure of professional freelance writing. 

In order to attract higher paying clients, the writer will need to make an effort to get noticed by the right people and prove their worth. They can do this by building up an online presence using their blog, portfolio, and by-lines, or by providing guest posts for other websites where they can get noticed. 

Aaron Tokelove is a freelance writer for AcademicKnowledge, a service dedicated to offering students essay help.

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