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If you are a professional writer, or even an aspiring one, you have probably turned to search engines to find legitimate websites that pay you to write. If you can accept writing assignments and are ready for some online research, a full fledged writing career is just a few steps away. Do you know the current rate for a 500 word article? It varies from a $ to more than $200. Experienced writers charge even more. Wondering how to get started and where to find well-payng writing jobs? This article covers a few writing sites for the beginner as well as more experienced online writers.


Most of us can write a few sentences in response to a general discussion. How many of you will be ready to write a few sentences in response to a discussion on a general topic? You can discuss, argue, disagree, challenge, and give feedback and whatever else is done in a social interaction on the internet. If you are paid to do all of this would you be interested? There are people who are earning anything from10$-50$ every month. They receive the payment into their Paypal accounts, from where it is transferred to their local Indian bank accounts, month after month. There are exceptions to this as many manage to exceed 50$ every month because they also upload images and undertake small online tasks in addition to discussing with their online contacts and friends.


Those who begin to understand how simple it is to spend some time everyday to make money from myLot would be interested in writing articles. Articles that are 150-300-500-700-1000 words or longer. Iwriter is a genuine article writing site where you start as a standard writer. After you have written 30 articles for clients who have requested for written work on the iwriter site you are given your rightful place in the writing echelons of iwriter. If your writing has fetched you a rating of more than or equal to 4 and less than 4.6 you become a premium writer. On the other hand if your excellence in writing has fetched you an overall score of more than or equal to 4.6 out of 5, you are promoted to the elite writer status.
The rates for a 500 word article are as under:
Standard  – 2.43$,
Premium- 4.05$,
Elite- 8-10-15-20$.
I think that should motivate any decent writer to achieve the best position at iwriter. The payment is done through Paypal and the amount is auto-transferred to the local bank account. You can choose to be paid weekly, if you so desire.


Constant-Content is for those writers who are good and aspire to be excellent writers. Before being accepted as a writer you have to pass a quiz and score 4/5, that’s all. The challenge here is the tough editorial team which accepts only grammatically correct, precise and concise content. So, it is necessary to go through their writing guidelines and extended writing guidelines before writing for C-C. If you are careless enough to get suspended for poor writing you can’t get back in. The payment is bi-monthly and you set your prices for usage, unique and full rights for a unique article. You write and they sell, so the revenue is shared 65% to 35% in your favor. You can set prices starting from 6-10 cents per word for a 500 word article, initially.

Writing is a hobby that can be cultivated to create a substantial secondary income. If you can express yourself well when you speak, the written expression is just another simple step. Simple for some and well nigh impossible for most. I got started with myLot and it took me ten months to reach the minimum payout of 10$. I have received weekly payments in excess of 25$ from iwriter and very recently I sold one article at C-C for 37$. But the thrill of those 10$ from myLot is closest to my heart. As a freelance writer I sell my talent to earn valuable foreign currency, much like the exporters do. Now, isn’t that great?
The sign-ups are free and to visit the sites click on the sub headings mylot, iwriter and constant content at the top of the paragraphs above.

About the author:  Uday is fascinated by the internet. His fascination took him from a computer-illiterate layman to a fairly computer literate freelance writer. He is proud to say that he earns valuable foreign currency by selling his writing skills, much like the exporters are doing. It happened because he is conceited enough to think that he is good at writing. Conceit is good, if it is constructive. He writes regularly on his blog. He is keen to promote online writing, if only to help earnest writers earn a secondary income from the internet.


  1. I appreciate the information, but incredulous as to believing if these websites really pay for the service i would contribute. Any genuine testimonial to vindicate their professional integrity? Thanks,

  2. The best way to check is to put it on search engines
    'mylot' , mylot scam? iwriter reviews, constant content reviews...
    All three are genuine in the sense they all pay in time.

  3. iwriter was giving great writing assignments a few months back. The I saw assignments that may have been difficult for non native English writers. But now good writing assignments have started showing up again.
    mylot is reliable and pays once a month if the min. payment threshold of 10$ is reached.
    C-C is considered very tough but good writers who can write concise and precise articles with excellent grammar can get paid handsomely. The editorial team is picky. One has to careful when submitting at C-C because if you are suspended once, you can never write there again. Follow their writing guidelines strictly.
    All are reliable and payment is through paypal.

  4. I've not tried MyLot as yet, but I can vouch about the genuineness of the other two.

  5. I thought this review and the comments that follow will clear things up

  6. I write a blog regularly. This has over 250 odd articles. The subjects that are covered vary from poems, short stories, religious discourses etc. Can these form a part of my probable new assignment as a freelance writer to your columns? If the answer is "yes" how do I go about making a start? If "no" then does it mean that I have to re-start writing fresh for your columns in as much as the material in the blog is accessible to all. Would appreciate an early response Al.

  7. Al, please go through the guidelines for guest posting on this blog. I accept only original, un-published articles. Please mail in your ideas at shuch.singh@gmail.com

  8. Hello,

    What about if you would get paid in advertising space, on a high traffic website?
    We are allways happy with Writers who can write about cars, racing and tuning. And good writers get good atention.
    I see many blogs with great articals about cars, but they generate no traffic, so if you are a blogger and want to give it a try, let us know.

  9. Hello

    I am looking for Indian writers who can do rewriting type of work on almost every niches like business , science , economics and many more...content will be provided all you have to do is rewrite the work or simply rephrase them.

    Payout will be average(not so good but not that bad) and all payments will be done by bank transfer.


    1. I am interested in rewriting as well as fresh writing. Tell me more -Regards
      radha Iyer

    2. I would be interested in rewriting any type of work. Do let me know. Thanks,

      Satnam Singh

    3. I am interested in writing analysis of global happenings as well articles on self improvement and would like to contribute. Regards.
      Prabhat Mishra

    4. Hi
      i am looking for writing assignment.
      Article writing /rewriting/

  10. Hi:

    I am looking for a freelance writer preferably from India. I have a business in Clearwater, Florida and need to write business letter to my dealers. I just need someone to rewrite my letters to make it look more professional. Same thing I need for my web and blog content. By the way I love this site. Thanks Shuchi

    You may contact me at velocab2011@gmail.com

    1. i do intrested

    2. i do intrested


  11. Hi
    I am glad that this article has got me 17 writers who have joined iwriter and 55 who have joined mylot. So far so good but I am surprised that most of them are inactive.
    Mylot can be so engrossing as you answer discussion threads, make friends online, see your star ratings grow.Over a period of time you realize how you are perceived by the others who see your posts online. People who are polite and interesting find that they are flooded with friendship requests and their rating climbs to 10*. Those who are argumentative, closed minded, abusive find their ratings plummet sharply. Then you realize your mistake and start expressing yourself more politely and see your rating go up again. Before you know it you become popular and your online writing improves dramatically. Those who are good in English go on to become freelance writers who EARN online. This may take just a few weeks. The earnings are a bonus, really.
    To read a few tips on how to thrive at mylot

  12. mylot no longer pays as it has changed.don't waste your time at mylot. iwriter continues to rock as does c-c.

  13. my lot does not pay. as of now, bubblews.com is the best. other sites for Indians are expose knowledge and expertscolumn

  14. First step for writers is searching for writing job and writing projects with right price. We have invested a lot of time to creating this useful information. Perhaps every writers need this information, it does not matter you are beginners and master.


  15. Assign to write an assignment only experienced specialized writers. Write my essay cheap is your best helper in any student’s work.

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  18. heard a lot about iwriter, I also have joined it but did not take up any assignments due to my busy schedule with 5 of my websites. I also run a website www.theguestwriters.com where we puclish freelance writing tips and freelance writer profiles (cvs) for free. I am also looking to have paid posts from writers who have written articles for iwriter. you may contact me at gowardhan@readitt.in


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