How To Select A Writing Course: A 5-Point Checklist

Written By: Rajan Arora

The journey from being an ardent reader to a triumphant writer is an enthralling one. It feels like maturing from an amateur to a pro, and the residue is sheer gratification. But for few, this transformation does not reach the pinnacle and the writing hormone fades away somewhere in between, resulting in a feeling of creeping impotency. The reason may vary from lack of time, language proficiency, patience or motivation. That is where a good writing course can help aspiring writers come to terms with their actual potential and acumen. Therefore, for a novice, the line of differentiation between a good and a bad writing course is very thin. Before you go on to enroll for a writing course, carefully evaluate it based on this five-point checklist to make sure it is worth your time and money.

Apt Content and Duration- A good writer is always a progeny of a very good reader. So the first and basic step of a good writing course must be to provide a good reading list, which can help a student’s literary aptitude flourish. Fine readings can actually broaden the horizon of an aspiring writer and he can bank upon the different writing techniques and concepts used by connoisseur writers. Furthermore, the content of a good writing course must include all the writing formats like Proposals writing, Fiction Writing, SEO Content Writing, etc. You should have the option of spending more time on your area of interest and should be given assignments to get adequate hands on experience. Also, the duration of the course should justify its scope and content. For example, if you intend to cover all the writing forms, then the same cannot be mastered in 1 or 2 months’.

Experienced Mentor- There will be a striking difference between the quality of cricketing tips imparted by Sachin Tendulkar and by a 20 year old Ranji Trophy player. An experienced writer-turned-mentor can mould your raw talent by offering constructive criticism and guidance. Recognition of good work by the mentor works as a stimulator and motivates the candidate to replicate the same performance in future assignments. However, if the work is not up to the mark, tutors should offer positive criticism that does not damage the student’s confidence. A well-known author or publisher will also inspire you to develop desirable traits that contribute to a successful writing career.  While choosing a course, make sure you research the background and professional achievements of the faculty involved.   

Flexibly Rigid- Any course that works without deadlines cannot impart discipline in your working style. A writing career can be extremely demanding at times and you may be required to finish large volumes of work within specified timelines. So preparing for the same will help you get accustomed to the actual rigors of professional writing. However, the course should allow enough flexibility to let you balance your full-time job, academics or other commitments.
Recognition & Certification- Recognitions and certifications awarded to a writing course are an indicator of its quality and authenticity. There are a large number of bogus writing courses that promise the world but only end up fleecing candidates of valuable money. Make sure that your chosen course is duly accredited by a genuine educational body.
Market Exposure- A firsthand experience of dealing with publishers and renowned authors cannot be replaced with any theoretical content. A good course guides and trains candidates on how to present and market their work effectively by introducing them to different niches and markets.
By keeping these points in mind any aspiring writer can land up in the lap of a good curriculum and make his writing dreams turn into reality by combining it with hard work and motivation.

Enjoy writing.

Rajan works as a mid level manager in an automobile giant. His work profile includes frequent travelling. Apart from travelling, transforming thoughts & imaginations into black & white fascinates him. He can be reached at


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