Plagiarism - A Sure-Fire Ticket to Unemployment

Plagiarism has forever been deemed as an unethical act of using another author’s content and passing it off as one’s own and a “crime” punishable by law. All around in the academic and literary world, there has been great hue and cry about plagiarism and copyright issues- often with disastrous consequences for the “plagiarist” as well as the “client”. All this is not without a reason and the repercussions are even graver when a professional writing company is concerned.

Most academic institutions are extremely stringent about students submitting original work which is appropriately referenced and quoted. An assignment which is copy-pasted from a book or the internet most certainly results in a fail grade and even serious punishment. When a client decides to get a project done by a professional agency, he/she invests a lot of faith along with the money and expects only the best. This is the prime reason why an academic help agency cannot indulge in an unprofessional practice like plagiarism because here, the reputation of the client as well as the company is at stake. Mistakes can always happen and be mended, but intentionally plagiarizing to make quick money and yield a higher turn-over can put any writer out writing company out of business in no time.

Therefore, in the field of professional writing, there is absolutely no room and justification for plagiarism. All assignments should be run through plagiarism- detection software before delivering them to the client and any flaws should be quickly amended to save the client and the company from trouble.

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