Why Do We Need An Exclusive Blog For Indian Freelance Writers

Any one of us who has ever written something as a hobby or for a living, would know that the Indian freelance market is a far cry from its "richer" international cousins. Things are a lot different for a freelance writer in India and the current blogs, portals and forums sort of don't address the concerns that we are faced with everyday- like, How much money can one make as a freelance writer in India? What kind of writing fetches more money? Can one actually make a living out of freelance writing in India? Where are all the plump projects hidden away? Who makes a better client- desi or phoren? How can you tell a "good" client from a "bad" one?

Well, these might be purely monetary concerns but they are important for any professional nevertheless, aren't they? We can also discuss creative issues like honing writing skill, battling writer's block and fishing for inspiration in between the moolah talks. Furthermore, I am sure every Indian writer would like to read up on experiences, challenges, tips, advice and pop in some whenever they can.

As you can guess, fellow writers, this blog is dedicated especially to the wordsmiths of our country and aims to bring all of us under the same umbrella- even when it is not raining!

Seasoned pros, newbies, occasional poets and writers of every shape, size and type are wholeheartedly welcome. So read on, write on and rock on...

Though for the Day: Do "content writers" who churn articles at a buck per piece, really qualify as professional writers? I think they only wipe the jelly off our bread.

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